nferraro <> in camel-git

Fix Camel-kubernetes lock test

add my pgp key

CAMEL-13401: fix after review

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CAMEL-13401: adding example of webhook

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CAMEL-13401: fix unneeded log message

CAMEL-13401: adding webhook capabilities to camel-telegram

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CAMEL-13401: create a webhook meta component

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Fix failing spring-boot itests

CAMEL-12555: fix saga behavior when expression evaluation fails

CAMEL-10806: fix backpressure issues in camel-rxjava2

CAMEL-12387: small updates to spring-boot examples documentation

CAMEL-12387: update main spring-boot documentation

CAMEL-12393: add karaf feature for camel-lra

CAMEL-12393: add karaf feature for camel-lra

Fix CI build style error

CAMEL-12377: fix example SQL init script

CAMEL-12380: remove spring-boot 1.5.x property resolvers

Ignore non-ga modules and re-add reactor

Fix camel-itest-spring-boot 2

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Align docs with elasticsearch 5

CAMEL-11874: fix spring-boot integration tests

CAMEL-11874: fix jgroups auto-configuration

CAMEL-11874: simplify spring-boot dependency generator