marc carter <> in camel-git

CAMEL-13395 Threadsafe lazy initialisation of ClassLoader

CAMEL-13395 Threadsafe static initialisation of VelocityEngine

CAMEL-13262 Update netty4 TimeoutMap usage

CAMEL-13297 Pick env: variable at random for test

Was assuming JAVA_HOME exists which is standard but not mandatory.

CAMEL-13262 Formatting

CAMEL-13262 Change TimeoutMap listeners to use if instead of switch

CAMEL-13262 Simplify CorrelationTimeoutMap to minimal extension of DefaultTimeoutMap

CAMEL-13262 Polish and formatting

CAMEL-13262 Introduce NoLock.INSTANCE

CAMEL-13262 Introduce TimeoutMap.Listener, replacing TimeoutMap.onEviction

Pulled up and generalised from subclasses which had this functionality

CAMEL-13262 Remove unused TimeoutMap.purge

CAMEL-13262 Remove Runnable from TimeoutMap interface

CAMEL-13262 Remove unused TimeoutMap.getKeys