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camel-bigquery: fix endpoint annotation

camel-bigquery: add initial version to endpoint annotations

ClusteredRouteController: use spring-boot to spin up the boostrap node

Fix CS

CAMEL-11659: Create a ClusteredRouteController

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Refactor BackOff timer

Improve SupervisingRouteController

Fix CS

CAMEL-11579: Add unit test / example for SupervisingRouteController

CAMEL-11580: Add JMX api RouteController and SupervisingRouteController

CAMEL-11640: SupervisingRouteController : Add a SPI to filter routes to supervise

CAMEL-11643: Extensions: registerExtension method has to avoid final in his declaration to work in CDI

CAMEL-11587: SupervisingRouteController : add option for initial delay

CAMEL-11641: SupervisingRouteController : backOff should be renamed deaultBackoff

CAMEL-11582: SupervisingRouteController should have better INFO logging on startup

CAMEL-11578: Add javadoc to util.backoff

CAMEL-11584: Add javadoc to spring boot auto configuration of camel.supervising.controller

ServiceNow: simplify the json-schema and allow to customize date/time format

ServiceNow: simplify the json-schema and allow to customize date/time format

CAMEL-11581: SupervisingRouteController should have spring-boot auto configuration

CAMEL-11583: SupervisingRouteController should honor if a route was explicit set to autoStartup=false

CAMEL-11588: SupervisingRouteController - Routes may be started in wrong order

CAMEL-11555: ServiceNow : create a maven plugin to generate models based on table layout

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CAMEL-11560: ServiceNow : allow to expand reference types in import_set response

CAMEL-11556: ServiceNow : add annotations on the model to customize sysparms

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CAMEL-11554: ServiceNow : add meta data extension to retrieve table's structure

Revert "CAMEL-11547: camel-core: load route definitions from registry"

This reverts commit 1b8c168c8aedd4f17179ca0d187c0df43352b9aa.

CAMEL-11550: Component extensions

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CAMEL-11547: camel-core: load route definitions from registry

CAMEL-11537: undertown consumer : consumer silently fails to start if manually started after a failure