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Fixed CS

CAMEL-14580 : Keep reifiers separated from AbstractCamelContext

# Conflicts:

# core/camel-core-engine/src/main/java/org/apache/camel/reifier/dataformat/

CAMEL-14580 : make sure we clear all reifiers, not only processors


Fix CS

Attempt to fix release problem

Attempt to fix release problem

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Fix wrong parent pom

[CAMEL-14561] Camel-Blueprint fails on JDK8 with NPE

[CAMEL-14444] Build speed: Use custom plugin for filtering resources

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[CAMEL-14444] Build speed: Use dependency extract instead of shade plugin to grab javamail providers

Fix bad merge

[CAMEL-14444] Build speed: Make sure the debezium plugin does not overwrite files with the same content

[CAMEL-14563] The camel api generator maven plugin does not support packages correctly

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Add a sync point for all component dependencies to ensure proper build ordering

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Fix the build by making sure the current package plugin is always used

[CAMEL-14560] Use a custom xref checker as the antora one is very slow

[CAMEL-14559] Use String in definition fields to be able to leverage property placeholders

Do not trim stack traces

Fix unit test which always fail the second time

Use strings in definitions so that we can use placeholders mostly everywhere

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Add notice about the suppression of the extended placeholders

Merge branch 'CAMEL-14445'

Fix rest tests

Fix blueprint using the removed "other attributes" support

[CAMEL-14445] Remove the property placeholder resolution inside definitions

Remove reflection calls used for merging rest configurations

Initialize component to leverage the endpoint configurer

Configure specific options sooner rather than later

Remove placeholder configurers completely

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