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Spikes Brave 5 conversion

Update to Brave 4.13.5 which has no dep on

Until such time as the camel-zipkin component is renovated, this

decouples it from the `` library which is no longer

getting updates shortly.

Updates to latest zipkin, eliminating SpanCollector dependency

This reduces the effort of renovating the zipkin component by reducing

the apis used to send data to Zipkin.

Updates to brave libraries that are OSGi friendly

This moves to latest brave, which backports span v2 format to the old

api. It also corrects some OSGi and packaging glitches.

Fixes CAMEL-12088

Adds zipkin http transport and moves off deprecated collector

This allows you to use zipkin's http endpoint, and any modern transport.

This is important as scribe is deprecated. Notably, this doesn't change

internal plumbing to use new Brave Tracer api, though that can be done

in a later change.

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