madhusudan.c.s <> in asterixdb

Swap the order of monitor registration with the TCP channel.

Monitor should be registered before the channel is opened because

channel can start recieving data as soon as it is opened. So not

having a monitor when the channel is opened is disastrous.

Remove the configuration line which is redundant.

This option is already set when the connection is created.

Disable Nagle's algorithm for TCP sockets in both IPCConnection manager and the data channel.

Update the API port number in docs.

Do not remove the hash map entries while iterating.

Move the interfaces which are not required by client in hyracks api to hyracks-control-nc project.

Set the result sweeper values to very low values for tests.

Add command line parameters to command line mappers.

Refactor out the result state sweeper code.

Remove the partition immediately after reading only if the query is a sychronous query.

Add the imports that was accidentally removed in previous commits.

Implement a CC side sweeper thread to clean up result distribution Directory Service states related to results.

Implement an NC side sweeper thread to clean result distribution states and files.

For synchronous queries the partition should be removed as soon as it is read.

Update the integration tests to pass the new argument to the ResultWriter operator descriptor.

Add an additional parameter to ResultWriter operator to take the query or job's execution mode, synchronous or asynchronous as the boolean parameter.

Pass it down all the way to result writers and the result state.

Add new configuration parameters for NC for new result distribution policy based on time.

Add new configuration parameters on CC side for new result distribution cleanup policy based on time.

Remove unnecessary parameters and imports.

Make the query mode available to the result distribution operator.

Show the error messages for parser exception similar to the other exceptions.

Show output when there is only success duration too.

Merge branch 'madhusudancs/testframework-update'

Merge branch 'madhusudancs/error-reporting'

Merge branch 'madhusudancs/error-reporting'

Merge branch 'master' into madhusudancs/testframework-update

Merge branch 'eugenia/web_ui_beta_fixes' into madhusudancs/error-reporting

Update test framework to fail fast, that is not proceed if an operation fails.

Set the HttpResponse code to server error if the AQL fails to execute.

Update the test framework to read the result in chunks.