chris hillery <> in asterixdb

Ensure batchSize is at least 1 in all cases

Make DmlTest a valid JUnit test; but suppress execution as it does not work (missing asterix-configuration.xml file)

Also exclude Hivesterix perf test (test data not actually checked in)

Block ALL Pregelix tests, for now

Fixed hanging Pregelix name

More hanging Pregelix tests

Don't attempt to run Abstract tests

Fix heap size

Use Asterix-style surefire config; define hanging-pregelix-tests profile to run pregelix tests that tend to hang (now skipped by default)

Ensure batchSize > 0 even when running with very many CPU cores

Merge branch 'master' into ceej/tiered-tests

Merge branch 'master' into ceej/tiered-tests

Change feeds_ingest test case to "slow"

Change skipSlowTests to runSlowAQLTests

Introduce different categories of tests which can be individually selected

Use forkCount instead of deprecated forkMode

Consolidate JUnit configuration to top-level POM

Removed stale config; removed jvm.extraargs from surefire config

Explicit dependency on JUnit 4.8.1 where necessary to build

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    • +25
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    • +38
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin' into ceej/tiered-tests

Merge branch 'master' of into ceej/tiered-tests

Introduce skipSlowTests system property set by surefire

Add category attribute to <test-case>; skip slow tests.

Use JUnit 4.8; example of profiles for slow tests