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Build using the default Java 6
Bumping dependency version to valid snapshot

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Bump dependency

ARIES-1303: re-enable build of the versioning module. There is a circular dependency between parent and versioning. But now we have a release of versioning, this shouldn't be a problem.

ARIES-1303: exclude the semantic versioning error that says getRepsitory() remove should mean version gets bumped to 2.0.0. getRepository() has been removed as it isn't possible to call it from outside the bundle (as the return type isn't exported) and it isn't called from inside the bundle.

ARIES-1303: Add ability to exclude semantic versioning errors. This is only for extreme circumstances when the human knows best!

  1. /versioning/versioning-checker/src/test/resources
ARIES-1303 removing unnecessary empty dirs
Updating blueprint-bundle dependencies on blueprint-core and blueprint-cm snapshots

ARIES-1245 adding additional logging info
ARIES-1068: backing out performance change due to some odd behaviour.
ARIES-1204: fix StringIndexOutOfBoundsException for Blueprint apps that have constructors with multiple exceptions

ARIES-1243: Fixed NPE caused by null env passed to OSGiObjectFactoryBuilder.getObjectInstance()

ARIES-1242: Unguarded logging calls containing expensive toString() caused low performance

ARIES-1201: fix hang one Blueprint start when using reference listeners

ARIES-1117: Cleanup Aries JNDI from JNDI Map of provider URLs via 'unaugmentation'.

ARIES-1063 ARIES-1065: ServiceFactory can now be specified as the bean class

ARIES-1068: JNDI lookup performance bad when security enabled

Add missing svn:ignore prop values

ARIES-1060 Java 7 compile problem with twitter sample
ARIES-976 Ensure unchecked exception is logged.
ARIES-993 added versioning module to the main build

ARIES-822 Added missing attrs parameter

ARIES-973 parent pom dependency needs to move to 1.0. Submodule name is inconsistent with our naming convention

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SVN ignore the target dir
ARIES-936 Make this test JVM agnostic
Adding svn:ignores
ARIES-813 fix broken link
ARIES-807 update dependencies to be the latest jndi snapshot now that jndi 0.3.1 has been released.
ARIES-807 JNDI release tidy up - ensuring the latest releases are reflected in this file
ARIES-807 reintegrate the dec-2011 jndi release branch updating the snapshot dependency versions on the way