csierra in aries

[ARIES-Component-DSL][maven-release-plugin] 1.2.1prepare for next development iteration
[ARIES-Component-DSL][maven-release-plugin] 1.2.1prepare release org.apache.aries.component-dsl.parent-1.2.1
[Component-DSL] Prepare for release
[Component-DSL] Code cleanup
[Component-DSL] Fix NPE
Add some documentation
[Component-DSL] missing synchronized
[ARIES-Component-DSL][maven-release-plugin] 1.2.0prepare for next development iteration
[ARIES-Component-DSL][maven-release-plugin] 1.2.0prepare release org.apache.aries.component-dsl.parent-1.2.0
[Componen-DSL] Fix baseline version

so snapshots are not mistakenly use as base line.

[Component-DSL] Bump version
[Component-DSL] Bump version
[ARIES-1813] Add effects execution places
[ARIES-1812] Add update support to once
[ARIES-1810] Deprecate onClose
[ARIES-1811] Always execute onRemoving action
[ARIES-Component-DSL][maven-release-plugin] 1.1.0 prepare for next development iteration
[ARIES-Component-DSL][maven-release-plugin] 1.1.0 prepare release org.apache.aries.component-dsl.parent-1.1.0
[Component-DSL] Better support for nested calls
[Component-DSL] Add methods to get services from references
[Component-DSL] Clean source
[Component-DSL] Support update hints
[Component-DSL] Get initial configuration state

so configuration is not always set to empty and then initialized

asynchronously to the existing value

[Component-DSL] Bump modules version to 1.1.0
[Component-DSL] Use latest bnd
[Component-DSL] Add baseline support
    • -0
    • +13
[Component-DSL] Rearrange source
[Component-DSL] Add coalesce function

This function always keeps active the highest precedence program that

has produced a value.

[Component-DSL] Improve ProbleImpl

to perform more complicated tests

[Component-DSL] Include personal.bnd file
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    • +2