martin stockhammer <> in archiva

Running rest tests concurrently to reduce build time

Improving tests to make them idempotent.

Removing eclipse aether

Fixing duplicate dependency entry

Changing deps from eclipse.aether to maven-resolver

Cleaning ci workspace only if successful to allow investigation

Changing maven version and removing plexus deps

Adding env variable for user config file

Adding dependency exclude for asm

Tests for failing ci builds

Adding workspace prepare for CI build

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Changing central maven config (Jenkins change)

Changing maven settings reference for Jenkins build

Adding Jenkinsfile for webui tests

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Changing check for fixed builds

Recombining build and deploy phase

Getting errors when deploy is run in second call.

Increasing start wait timeout for cassandra

Adapting test config for new url cache path

Migrating usage of repositoryAdmin to repositoryRegistry

Adding packedIndexDir

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Adding packingIndexDir and event

Adding toString method

Adding ignore file

Adapting to event api change

Moving code to repository registry

Cleaning up imports

Changing event api

Updating indexing path

Moving repo features to API module

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Switching repository admin and dependent classes to RepositoryRegistry

RepositoryRegistry is used for indexing context now. There is still more work to do

to move the maven dependent parts into its own projects and update the dependencies.

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