jskeet in ant

Fixed up JavaDocs (where possible) to remove warnings (mostly about breakiterator).

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Fix-up of JavaDocs for filters (and a couple of style fixes too).

Made the purpose of the no-arg constructor more obvious.

Double doh - don't append the first character twice.

Doh - use @exception, not @throws

Fixed up JavaDocs, improved efficiency of readLine.

Fixed up JavaDocs so they build without errors. The main changes were:

o Capitalisation. Please capitalise the first word of a new sentence, otherwise break-iterator complains.

o @created tags. These aren't valid JavaDoc, and the info is in CVS anyway...

Added @ant.datatype tag.

Fixed up JavaDoc comments again.

Expanded JavaDoc comments on variable names.

Fixed up the fix-up to obey "Must not be null" etc style.

JavaDoc now builds without warnings again - thanks Erik :)

Reapplied previous JavaDoc patch.

Answered my own previous question concerning thread safety.

JavaDoc changes.

JavaDoc changes, and raised a potential multithreading issue. Search

for XXX to see details.

JavaDoc comments and a couple of code changes.

Code changes:

Removed an unneeded nullity test null instanceof Foo is always false.

Changed replaceChild(UnknownElement, Object) with two methods:

replaceChild(UnknownElement,Task) and

replaceChild(UnknownElement,RuntimeConfigurable) to make it

absolutely clear that you can't just replace the children with random


I must admit I'm still far from entirely clear exactly how

UnknownElement works. It probably counts as black magic...

JavaDoc comments.

Note: maybeConfigure implies that calling it twice will have no effect.

I have a suspicion that children would be added twice. Search for XXX

to find the details.

Fixed (another) problem of <tt>...<tt> screwing up the rest of the page.

Fixed problem of <tt>...<tt> screwing up the rest of the page.

JavaDoc comments.

Also added a query about the use/otherwise of wrappers when

it comes to adding text - search for XXX to find the details

Added reference to the <tag> option in JavaDoc.

(Is this the correct position? Someone hit me with a cluestick if I should

have added it at the top of the section or in a different section.)

Temporary zip files used for update weren't being deleted, as doUpdate is reset during cleanUp.

Fixed problem which gave (on Windows) output such as:

[java] First line of real output


[java] Second line of real output


Invalid scope parameters now throw exceptions.

Repeated scope elements generate verbose messages.

Added tag option documentation.

Added todo tag to javadoc task so that JavaDocs will now build

them appropriately.

Put @todo tags back in now that there's support for them.

Added support for the -tag option in JavaDoc 1.4

JavaDoc comments.