jkf in ant

also updated manual manually
Updated location of wiki.

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Bug 51792 - Unable to override system properties with 1.8.2
Bug 53036 - FixCRLF does not respect the eol="asis" setting
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Bug 53202 - Typo in JUnit task documentation
Bug 53291 - Several spell checker findings in apache ant 1.8.3 documentation

-- api --

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Bug 53291 - Several spell checker findings in apache ant 1.8.3 documentation

-- excluding api --

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Documentation update: Bug 53215 - Broken link to oracle doc in Manifest task
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Forward lookup will no longer give back ip address split in host and domain. On gump apparently the ip address cannot be resolved to the real hostname.
fixed error in patch committed yesterday.

Site Local with address no longer overwrites global without.

Bugzilla 49513, reported by jks/iname

Availability of hostname is now taken into consideration when selecting a local address.

fix spelling error in var name
pr 49326. Sun JVM tries to mmap the entire file during a copy. For large files this is not feasible. We now explicitly request to copy at most 16 MiB per request.
Pr 49279, should return unsigned values

(mandated by contract of InputStream)

Inspired on one of the patches on debian ant

Minimum java version 1.8+ is 1.4.

problem 48894

1) buffer size management is present in FileChannel, so we do not need to impose any limit.

2) bus error in gij when requested copy size > remaining file size (this is a bug in gij that will not be triggered anymore by ant from this line)

pr 48896

tools.jar no longer present on bootstrap classpath

47929 inconsistency between source and src in example and explanation
made easier to switch loglevel on the antunit testcases
Also allow redirect from http to https a subset of what was requested in pr 47433. Tests from https to http v.v. have also been executed I couldn't find a https space for public testcases though.
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Remove pre java 1.3 construct.

Remove spawn from Execute (spawn from ExecTask is actually used, the one here was never used)

Bugzilla Report 46659, space missing between define and value in RPM task (verified against help page of rpm).
Pr 44544: Deadlock between in, out and err in the redirector.
deprecated since
Marked the DeweyDecimal in extension package deprecated.
Deprecated the public DateFormat
Removed the own implementation for creating a temporary file, in case deletion of temp file fails, added it as candidate for deletion on exit.
Do not filter out AssertionError bugzilla 45631.

Also some corrections and still avoid inclusion of the AssertionError "Caused by" line as originally present when converting to AssertionFailedError.