jhunter in ant

Moved MailMessage from com.oreilly.servlet to

(imitating Also made it pure copyright ASF.

For those interested in legalities, my understanding is I'm granting

the ASF copyright on this code but have my own copyright on the code

as it existed before the grant. That means I can include my own code

in my book without following the Apache license, but I can't use

improvements to the ASF code without following the Apache license

(as is perfectly appropriate).

Changed build.xml to no longer build com/**.



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  1. /core/trunk/src/main/org/apache/tools/mail
Added MailMessage. Hope people don't mind that I left it in

com.oreilly.servlet. I did that since it's going to be a mirror

of what's in the larger com.oreilly.servlet package. I put

it under the Apache license of course, and added the ASF as an

additional copyright holder. Code can have two copyright holders,

meaning either party can do as they wish with the code. This lets

the ASF upgrade to Apache License 1.2 sometime in the future, and

lets me be able to use the code without thanking the ASF for code

I wrote. :-) Updated build.xml to handle the new package.

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Stopped the script from blowing away the JAVA_HOME/JAVA/JAVAC/CLASSPATH values.

Without this fix it didn't work on my NT JDK 1.3b system. I've tested the

current script on JDK 1.3b and JDK 1.2 and it now respects JAVA_HOME.