jhm in ant

not found any more: Leafcutter, luntbuild (alternative URLs found), Savant
not found any more: AntHill, Antiplate, Ant Script Library (found only an old article), JavaGen Ant Modules
new target for updating the (online)manual from Ant's git-repo
CVE-2017-5645: Apache Ant 1.9.9 and 1.10.1 - Apache Log4j 1.2.13 security vulnerability
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support https:// too
update links; remove unavailable resources
update links; remove unavailable resources
update links
EasyAnt-repos not active any more (listed on the archive page)
announce retiring of EasyAnt
Archive EasyAnt
Marker file in site/easyant
Archive EasyAnt
EasyAnt is archived
fix git link
archive EasyAnt
update archive (just templates)
1st improvement regarding special characters
Processes retirment/reactivating subprojects/compoennts
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add Ivy-2.4.0 to main page
change of PMC chair
Nightlies: Add links to the jobs main page
    • ?
update nightlies to new builds url@asf
added easyant/target to svn:ignore
update for easyant
repo changed to git
reflect INFRA-7890: rename easyant repos
typo in comment
Update Checkstyle, so the Ivy-Check build job could run.

hit the commit-button too early: have to comment these two tests out