jglick in ant

sconnolly advises using TODO rather than XXX in comments.

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#43362 follow-ups: missing/incorrect @since; minor doc improvements and corrections.
Deleted line break introduced by accident in antoine’s 1476700.

NetBeans updates.

#54641: XSLTC error.

Use String.replaceAll rather than StringUtils, since some versions of Xalan

(as patched by Oracle) try to load the class while compiling the stylesheet.

Still more diagnostics for #54641.
Unused import.
StringUtils.replace is obsolete.

Diagnosis of XMLResultAggregatorTest.testFrames failure on Java 7.

Restored Java 5 compilability.

Was not compatible to make systemClasspath (and systemBootClasspath) final; the NetBeans Ant integration in fact overwrites this value (for a reason).
Junit → JUnit
Odd indentation.

Ignoring velocity.log.

JDK 5 javac is apparently buggy; @Override should be allowed on methods implemented from an interface.
Rounding out signature of DeweyDecimal and writing some tests.
#53622: faster VectorSet.retainAll.
Stronger tests in preparation for #53622.
#53617: fixed POM URLs. (Patch thanks to Eric Barboni.)

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#53571: ClassLoader problems with Subclass of JUnitTask

@Override not supported when implementing interface methods in JDK 5 javac.

(Spec compliance bug fixed in JDK 6 even for -source 5.)

#53347: <javac> by default fails when run on JDK 8.

Follow-up to revision 1236803.

JDK 5.
JDK 5.

JDK 5.
#52829: ResourceCollection now Iterable<Resource>.
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Switch to JDK 5 as baseline.
Updating and generifying old discussion of JDK 1.1 -> 1.2 transition.

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