jesse in ant

Throw a BuildException if the root directory does not exist, instead of letting IndexGen NPE

Switch to using regular collections instead of the deprecated XCollections

Update XDoclet and XJavaDoc (XJavaDoc is no longer a singleton)

Merge file for <property>

Update the versions of XDoclet and XJavaDoc

Fix javadocs comments and add new @ant.attribute tags for xdocs

Fix the javadoc comments and add @ant.attribute tags for xdocs documentation generation

1 more @tag to ignore

Add 2 new @tags that should be ignored by <javadoc>

Add some new @tags for xdocs

Generate attribute requirements

More javadoc warning fixes

Fix javadoc warnings

Syntax error

PR: 19186

Submitted by: Chris Reeves

StarTeam performance enhancement

PR: 15730

Submitted by: Steve Cohen

Missed updated testcase in previous commit

Make it work with JDK 1.2

Make javadoc happy

Update the manual to reflect new attributes

Add ability to overwrite or skip writable files during 'get latest' or 'checkout'

Add ability to specify timestamps for files retrieved during 'get latest' or 'checkout'

Fix label length issues

Other minor fixes unearthed after major refactoring of VSS tasks

PR: #11562 #8451 #4387 #12793 #14174 #13532 #14463

Submitted by: Nigel Magnay, Keying Xi, and others

Better detection of classes passed as method params like 'System.out.println(Outer.Inner.class);'

PR: 13273

Add myself to the list as a test of write access