gscokart in ant

Time for me to go on
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Grammar, spelling, and clarity of Tutorial documentation (IVY-1222) (thanks to Steve Miller)
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  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
Fix FinalClassCheck checkstyle validation
full_exclusion and exclusion_parts are reported as checkstyle error, and I don't see the purpose of all final used for local variable
Fix ConstantNameCheck checkstyle error
thanks to checkstyle for mentioning this as an error.
Some more spaces for checkstyle validation
remove ParenPadCheck checkstyle errors
Remove EmptyBlockCheck checkstyle error
Remove EmptyForIteratorPadCheck checkstyle errors
add missing headers. The files come from a patch of IVY-742
Remove checkstyle WhitespaceAfterCheck errors
organize import automatically from eclipse, then manually to remove the one reported as unused by checkstyle (the classes used in the comment)
Simplify the output of ant -p
Mark field final (not strictly required, but looks better)
We are not in the incubator anymore
clean format using local variable
Add documentation and unit test for (IVY-1021)
Trace a message when a property file referenced from the settings doesn't exixts (IVY-1074)
organize imports
We have now a test using test-utils
small clarifications
provides more precise error message in case of failure
clean warnings
organize import
provides correct exception in case of error during initialisation of the transaction (usually it is followed by an abort that will fail and hide the original error)
add my key
add my key
Report properly BuildException generated when parsing antunit script from Junit4
Minimal pom helping to install latest antunit version on a maven repository