glennm in ant

Fix for id/refid data type bug. Delays adding the

id to the list of references till runtime when the

data type is inside a target. Without this change,

if multiple data types have the same id, only the

one that is last refered to in the file *and* is

configured at runtime (i.e. its target is executed)

will work properly. Otherwise, you will end up

using an unconfigured data type.

Look for java.home/../bin/javadoc(.exe) before falling

back on plain old javadoc. Just looking in the java.home

directory tree isn't sufficient, as it may give incorrect

results on Windows (thanks to Connor for the info.).

The javadoc task now looks for the javadoc executable

in the java.home/../bin directory. That way if your

java installation isn't in your path, you can still

create javadocs.

Test for the 4NT shell, which requires a

different method of slurping command line

args than cmd.exe.

Submitted by: Jim Anderson

Overview of core tasks with a short description

of what each task does.

PR: 2328

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Provide more descriptive error messages whenunknown attributes and elements are encountered in the build file.Bugzilla: 1722

Change resource page format to match external tools page.

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Add reference to remote builds with And and VAJ.

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Missing throw in VAJImport

Reported by: David Rees

Add deprecation indicators for Deltree and Javadoc2

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Fixed bug when displaying default target with

a description.

Reported by: Hans Ulrich Neidermann

Displaying default target failed when there wasn't a description.

Added SCCS dirs to default excludes list.

Add info about default target to -projecthelp

To avoid a collision with the Ant <project> tag, the VAJImport

task's <project> tag has been renamed to <vajproject>.

Add warning about copying binary files with filtering turned on.

Add exclude package capability.

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Resolving package names now occurs with the

use of a private FileSet. This provides

the use of the default excludes patterns,

which include **/CVS/**, preventing any

.java files in a CVS/Base directory from

being included.

Just in case someone does ever have a

package named blah.CVS, I added the

"defaultexcludes" attribute.

Fixed test for Main.class and NEW_ANT_HOME.

Fixed problem with quiet flag preventing


Reported by: Martin van den Bemt

Fixed double delete message with verbose


Reported by: Jason Rosenburg

Added ability to remove empty directories

when using the implicit or nested filesets.

Off by default for now, as that is the

current behaviour. If there is enough

agreement, we probably want to turn this

on by default.

Requested by: Lots of people. :-)

Fixed empty directory count message

Back out CVS directory hack.

Hack to ignore CVS directories.

VAJ IDE integration classes.

These should be moved to a contribution project

when one is created.

Submitted by: Wolf Siberski

Christoph Wilhelms

Add missing gif files for VAJAntTool.html

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Now writes message to the logger, rather than to System.out.

Also introduced logging levels to provide finer control over

when messages are writen out. The levels simply reflect the

current Project.MSG_* values.

Suggested by: Wolf Siberski

Patch to correctly import .java and resources files, and

to add more verbose logging messages.

Submitted by: Wolf Siberski

Added support to _not_ compile the VisualAge for Java

IDE integration classes unless the Workspace class

is in the classpath.

Added the vajload, vajexport, and vajimport tasks to

the optional part of the task list.

A very nice set of VisualAge for Java integration tasks,

originally written by Wolf Siberski. A similar set of tasks was

contributed by Peter Kelly, and they formed the inspiration

for adding the VAJImport task.

They only work in the IDE, or as a part of a Tool extension.

Created by: Wolf Siberski

Glenn McAllister