ehatcher in ant

adding an article to a (belated) article to resources, and removing my unavailable JUG presentation

copy/paste typo correction

correting typos

homepage @deprecated

#23578 - added doc of file attribute

copy selectors/available from main build to account for new conditiosn

xjavadoc has issues with parsing the trailing comment. easier to remove the comment than to fix xjavadoc :)

PR: 23149 - fixed typo. I thought I'd contribute something! :)

Joe Ottinger asked me to add the JDJ award

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added checksum enhancement to whatsnew

#20767 - adding totalproperty and todir attributes to checksum task - submitted by Aslak Hellesoy

Aslak prodded: issue 20767 - enhancements to checksum

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  1. /core/trunk/src/etc/testcases/taskdefs/checksum
Apply patch from #20270 - adds if/unless clause to junit formatters. Submitted by Eli Tucker

hopefully fix Gump

migrated Ant XDoclet code here, to maintain it easier

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  1. /core/trunk/proposal/xdocs/src/org/apache/ant
  2. /core/trunk/proposal/xdocs/src/org/apache/ant/xdoclet
upgrading to an XDoclet that works on Mac OS X JDK 1.4.1 - woohoo!

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hopefully fix the Gump build

#17142 - enhance Javadoc tag element to allow a fileset

changing filename case

show briefType instead - nicer for enumerated attributes

added sorting

remove properties generation to see if that fixes gump runs

added license and logging to indexgen

added index generation

adding category to Perforce tasks

adding category to Perforce tasks

output troubleshooting info

friendly target to Gumpify

added .DS_Store to default excludes

added comment if no merge point found in template