donaldp in ant

Remove unused method

Remove straggler.

Add a link to ant eater.

Submitted by: (Jeff Turner)

Add a getter for linkname.

Submitted by:

Remove unused imports, remove glob imports, sort imports.

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Remove unused import

Encapsulate some fields of DataType.

Remove redudent assignments

Add ignores for more cache files.

Encapsulate some fields in Task and add some deprecation warnings to coresponding fields.

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Remove redundent assignments

Encapsulate usage of project object rather than allowing objects 7 subclasses acessing a protected variable of their super super super .... class.

Deprecated the variable so that that anyone directly referencing variable will get warning and suggestion to use the accessor.

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Remove unused variable

Remove javadoc for throws that no exist

Add a getCause() method to be compatible with JDK1.4 approach of containing exceptions.

Add jdk1.4 friendly getCause() method

Integrate some basic documentation of the Extension* types and Jarlib-* tasks

Actually add/remove the file this time.

Submitted by: Jeff Turner <>

Once again Jeff rushes to the rescue and points out all the places I messed up the spelling.

Submitted by: Jeff Turner <>

Hopefully got jdk1.2 compatability back.

Note that WSAD has ant integration.

Note that WebSphere Studio Application Developer has integrated Ant support.

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Give Jeff some credit as I basically "liberated" his ideas.

Add in Ant resolver to retrieve libraries via standard ant build files.

If property is already set then generate a warning or an exception - dont try to chekc if it is valid.

Mark my todo as done.

Add in a resolver task.

The resolver takes an extension and a set of operations that can be

used to get library coresponding to specified extension. The task

will run through each operation until required extension is found.

Removed unused import.

Removed some bogus javadocs that were errors.

Fix javadoc errors.