craigmcc in ant

Initial versions of a build script that will create nightly distribution

files of Ant (and optionally install them on the Jakarta web server) that

include the JAXP reference implementation JAR files ("jaxp.jar" and

"parser.jar") that are redistributable.

Prerequisites for the successful execution of this script are listed in

the comments. Because the script is intended to run from a "cron" job on

the Jakarta server, no Windows version is provided.

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The previous fix was not sufficient when executing Ant's build.xml as a

subtask. Apparently the base directory for Javadoc is set to the "outer"

Ant's base directory, instead of the "inner" one. This fix works around

that problem by relying on the (undocumented?) fact that the "basedir"

property is set automatically by Ant.

Make the src.dir property relative to the execution base directory without

a pseudo ${basedir} target (consistent with src.bin.dir).