conor in ant

Correct issues in Contributors files
Add info about common build infrastructure - thanks Stefan
Add common externals definition
Add quick README on how to create new antlib layout
Add trunks definition
Add http antlib sandbox for Steve at Hackathon
Add FishEye Access property
JDM 1.5 compiler is much smarter than previous versions in the handling of

class references which should improve the performance of <depend>

The test has been changed to work with either, allowing eitehr one or two files

PR: 32557

This is a FAQ by any measure.

Apply Matt's contrib changes and update Cortex to Cenqua

Indicate the message that causes the loop

Missed closing tag

Current Nightly builds are a little, um, stale. Don't get people's hopes up

for now.


Print out some additional info when launcher receives an

Instantiation Exception.

PR: 30611

Add name attribute to project element in Ant's build file

PR: 30608

Submitted by: Jesse Glick

Point to new Wiki

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Updated committers

Update contributors to reflect emeritus committers


More general check for uninitialised windows environment variables

in Classpaths

Keep those grade school teachers happy



More cleanup

Clean up munged changelog


Handle unexpanded properties in Windows CLASSPATHS


Move to Beta3+ section - should coalesce these on release