chrisw in ant

Fix problem with distributions relation to the nav tree - <title>-tag content has to match the name of the Nav entry.

"Beautify" position of ApacheCon banner in navigation and add Antidote News Page

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Corrected Conor's correction ;-) and reduced a logo-size by 30k (80%) :-)

Add newly won Java World Editiors Choice Award to News-Page

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Changing employers again. Trying to avoid spam... Added Wolf and myself (after more then 2 years passed 8-)) to manual credits.

Merging changes from new Forrest Version

Introducing Tabs and Projects starting with ANTidote.

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Introducing Projects tab and first sub-project ANTidote.

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Prepared "FakeForrest" to handle "tabs" in Navigation, enabled the stylesheet to allow sub-directories, prepared everything for a "Projects" tab for Ant-subprojects like Antidote.

Added the Forgotten FAVICON.ICO. Luckily nobody complaines, yet :)!

Fixed some minor design issues after Conor's great W3C HTML 4.01 certification action.

Added my (accidently forgotten) e-mail-address.

Readding accinently deleted file...

Changed color of <APACHE ANT> to white, for it is, as Conor remarked, more suitable on a dark background.

Migrated Forrest tables, source and added one committer info.

Added personal committer infos.

Migrated the table and source-section look from Forrest.

Removing last XML-Project leftovers and updating to 2003.

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Ant-Fake-Forrest proposal advancements:

Enable the "Active Link" funktionality by taking care, that XML title tag and project entry name match (just for the few docs, where this wasn't the case anyways)

adding html-version of LICESE

removing faq.vsl by moving that functionality to site.vsl

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Update output directory.

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Enable the vsl's to generate Forrest-lookalike output.

"Fake-Forrest" resources

Additional "Fake-Forrest" resources, as they should rest in the source folder...

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Finally updated Wolf and my e-Mail addresses.