cduffy in ant

Add keys for cduffy to KEYS
Tag release candidate 2.4.0-rc1
Lock down release versions on doc externals
Remove disclaimer re: (lack of) official status from doc/release-notes; will be published in HEADER alongside proposed binaries
Add license header to JDT UI prefs file
Update HTML release notes for 2.4.0-rc1
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Update CHANGES, RELEASE_NOTES, headers for 2.4.0-rc1 release
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recut rc1 branch
Creating a release branch for 2.4.0-rc1

Bring RELEASE_NOTES closer to present-day accuracy (before cutting 2.4.0-rc1 branch)
IVY-1423: fix revision mapping across namespaces
  1. /ivy/core/trunk/test/repositories/namespace/C
Document IVY-1455 in CHANGES.txt
Document that threading is unsupported, and disable test covering same
IVY-1455 Prevent incorrect ivy mediators from being applied during conflict resolution.

Prior to this, the mediators to be applied depended on the location where a

conflict was detected, rather than the declaration location.

  1. /ivy/core/trunk/test/repositories/IVY-1455
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  2. … 5 more files in changeset.
Document in the FAQ that Ivy is not thread-safe
Make public IvySettings methods either synchronized or final

This isn't necessarily enough to make IvySettings thread-safe -- there are too

many order-of-operations assumptions in play to have confidence there -- but

it's better than making no effort at all.

Move non-root MessageLogger instances into a thread-local stack

Logger context is inherently thread-local.

Document IVY-1454 in CHANGES.txt
Belated CHANGES.txt updates: IVY-1421, add self to committers, fix inconsistent indentation in CHANGES.txt
IVY-1454 handle multi-threading (as opposed to only multi-process) case in locking

Update checkstyle configuration for version 5.7
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IVY-1421: SSH agent support for SSH and SFTP transports
Add Charles Duffy to contributors