bruce in ant

Clarify some instructions, remove netrexx and jai as manual download examples
Added tests for checkout and commit, cleaned up unneeded lines
create-tempfile macro, change add to use it (no more marking the build file readonly)
test everything, search for ss.exe and server and add to tasks, add presets
Fixed missing dependency on networking, in case netrexx target is called by itself
Add NetRexxC library, add support for FTP and temp cache, delete obsolete comment, update ignores for IBM license
Add JAI library through the JBoss public maven repository
Added short story, described fetch.xml, updated download instructions
added notes about subdirectories of the distribution directory, minor edits
Why not fix the comment while we are at it?

Round NTFS Granularity up rather than down

Improved heuristics on file timestamp granularity by adding an NTFS category and checking for it

Back out javadoc-generated overwrite of our online version of the Ant API docs. This has happened before. Please be careful.

First pass at fixing checkstyle issues by using IDEA to reformat code and identify problem spots

  1. … 11 more files in changeset.
Finally added some documentation on the Selectors Test Framework

Fixed typos and made capitalization more consistent

Merge fix for PR16682 from HEAD

Added references to Selectors in fileset documentation, and cleaned up directory task documentation to be more accurate as well as point to selectors.

PR: 16682

Added an option to the ContainsSelector to ignore whitespace.

Submitted by Elizabeth Cooper (with some modifications)

Added a biography

Correct javadoc strings on methods that list deselected files and

directories to indicate that they do in fact list files that have

NOT been selected.

Submitted by: (Jim Wright)

Added a check on Property names using the "if" and "unless" attributes

for the selector tag, so that selectors that it contains are made


Corrected example for present selector

Removed tests which select absolute millisecond value as they appear to vary between platforms

Fixed two bugs and improved tests, as follows:

* Allowed paths in DependSelector and PresentSelector to be relative to the

project basedir

* Corrected problem with fileset reference detecting selector

* Improved tests so that they test something even on JDK 1.1, where touch

doesn't work properly

* Fixed tests so that they work with the changes above

Exclude files which are not Java 1.1 compatible, so that people with a 1.1 JDK can compile Ant again