arnout in ant

Fix for Tar-time

Submitted by: Stefan Bodewig <>

XML Parsing kit required.

Submitted by: David H Elrod <>

Two new tasks, untar & gunzip, to complement the tar & gzip.

Submitted by: Stefan Bodewig <>

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Fixed problem when an empty tag was supplied.

Submitted by: Jean-Noel Gadreau <>

Fixed inconsistency between docs and build.xml

Submitted by: Mariusz Nowostawski (

Added a "compress" attribute to the Zip and Jar task.

Submitted by: Stefan Bodewig (

Properly set the "" property.

Submitted by: Justyna Horwat

Fixed copydir attributes in example.

Submitted by: Michael Smith <>

Fixed examples for writing your own task.

Removed references to old "init" task.

Added some comments to some examples.

Fixed the name ordering I broke with the previous checkin.

Updated the manual to contain info on the pattern based directory scanning.

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Made tasks able to use the new pattern based directory scanning, while

retaining backwards compatibility.

Initial checkin