nicolas lalevée <> in ant-ivy

Suggest a mail template to announce a release

Update the release instruction for asciidoc documentation

Prepare the version for the next release

Document how to properly declare the qualifier of the OSGi version

when packaging the sources, do not default-exclude, but still exclude .git folder

Update release instructions: we use git now

For the unit tests, do not depend on the version of Ant running the tests, but depend on the version declared in the ivy.xml

Reduce the chance to have a conflict of port binding by being able to bind to one, even briefly.

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fix asciidoctor task classpath

building 2.5.0-rc1

Add missing License

exclude md5 files from License check

add ASL headers, so also chnage the associated checksums

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fix style in the release doc

add missing License headers

remove the reference to the old documentation folder

Let's make the release instruction a simple text file

Add missing License

output the path to the rat report in case of error

The NOTICE file is supposed to be a simple text file

fix the build of the asciidoc extension by using a wider Ivy configuration

An asciidoctor macro to create links to Jira

Use a copyright range

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Generate automatically the copyright year in the doc

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Jaikiran is now a committer

avoid generating the reports in the folder where the html of the documentation is generated

review the doc about the "Introduction" and the part for the dev

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properly release the file descriptors and avoid duplicate code

This closes #50