jaikiran pai <> in ant-ivy

Update the release notes to mention that Ivy now uses 1.58 of bouncycastle

Make HttpClientHandler public again to prevent backward compatible problems for upcoming release (see

IVY-1476 Better support for Maven timestamped snapshot dependencies in Ivy

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IVY-1546 Maven 1 repo is no longer available. Remove the tests, which anyway weren't running

IVY-804 "cache" resolver as a typedef hasn't been functional, remove the duplicate property in the

IVY-1447 Add "overwriteMode" option to Ivy command line for retrieve task

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IVY-735 Fix accidental recursion calls

Use Java standard API for symlink handling and deprecate symlinkinmass option on retrieve task

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IVY-1498 Make the newly added test method robust by setting overwrite=always as a retrieve option

Add IVY-1498 fix to release notes

IVY-1498 Fix potential Ivy cache corruption during retrieve task when symlink options come into play

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[doc fixes] Updates to the tutorials asciidoc documentation

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IVY-1355 Update the help text of Ivy command line for the "types" argument

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IVY-1336 Use our own implementation of AuthFilter in the test case

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Update release notes for IVY-1336

IVY-1336 Add a testcase to make sure that the HTTP handler (backed by the httpclient library) doesn't end in a loop while dealing with 401 errors from the server

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Remove the accidental renamed copy of a test class which is now causing case sensitive file name issues in git

IVY-1563 Remove TODO which is no longer applicable given how proxy settings are dealt by the ProxySelector that's configured on the HttpClient

Update release notes

IVY-1563 Move to 4.x version of HttpComponents HttpClient library

IVY-1562 Add a test case to verify the parsing of the location attribute when the value contains an absolute path

IVY-735 Support timeouts on resolvers

This closes #54 pull request at github/apache/ant-ivy

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Revert 4b6e0bd179c5f728761c953249b6dda4d33fe18a since it introduces failures on Windows (needs investigation)

This reverts commit 4b6e0bd179c5f728761c953249b6dda4d33fe18a.

IVY-1562 Fix potential double encoding of "location" value of "extends" element in the ivy descriptor

[doc changes] Updates to "using standalone" section

[doc changes] Fix the documentation of the "OSGi" section

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[doc changes] fix the rendering of the settings file structure, on Ivy settings doc page

IVY-1522 Don't randomly strip off the path's starting character

[doc changes] Use svg image in the OSGi doc

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[doc changes] Fix the "Reference -> Settings File" section and children docs

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