jaikiran pai <> in ant-ivy

Upgrade to 1.9.11 of Ant

Point to the asciidoc for release instructions

We now use asciidoc for documentation

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IVY-1576 make the test a bit more robust to make sure the artifact content is the right one for the dependency

IVY-1576 Update release notes

IVY-1576 Fix parsing of (maven) dependency with multiple classifiers

Minor updates to the release instructions to reflect the correct branch to use for the release

This isn't needed, since the release process is already documented in asciidoc/dev/makerelease.adoc

initial WIP version of release instructions to follow for releasing Ivy

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Support parsing multiple ranges for Maven versions

IVY-1577 - Add support for Maven profile activations by OS, file and JDK and also parse any properties configured within such activated profiles, so that they can then be referenced in the pom

Upgrade to 1.9.10 of Ant

IVY-735 Missed out changes in previous commit

IVY-735 Don't force existing implementations of URLHandler to understand timeout constraints feature which was recently introduced

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IVY-1575 Fix javadoc on URLHandlerDispatcher

Consider .pom files as binary, so that line endings aren't converted, during checkouts resulting in checksum failures

Update the release notes to mention that Ivy now uses 1.58 of bouncycastle

Make HttpClientHandler public again to prevent backward compatible problems for upcoming release (see

IVY-1476 Better support for Maven timestamped snapshot dependencies in Ivy

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IVY-1546 Maven 1 repo is no longer available. Remove the tests, which anyway weren't running

IVY-804 "cache" resolver as a typedef hasn't been functional, remove the duplicate property in the

IVY-1447 Add "overwriteMode" option to Ivy command line for retrieve task

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IVY-735 Fix accidental recursion calls

Use Java standard API for symlink handling and deprecate symlinkinmass option on retrieve task

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IVY-1498 Make the newly added test method robust by setting overwrite=always as a retrieve option

Add IVY-1498 fix to release notes

IVY-1498 Fix potential Ivy cache corruption during retrieve task when symlink options come into play

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[doc fixes] Updates to the tutorials asciidoc documentation

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IVY-1355 Update the help text of Ivy command line for the "types" argument

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IVY-1336 Use our own implementation of AuthFilter in the test case

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