tony gravagno <> in ant-git

Fix space issue in AntStructure.DTDPrinter

Task AntStructure renders a project DTD. In AntStructure class DTDPrinter, line 327, a single statement is used to concatenate a list of enumerated values which are valid for an attribute. The list is enclosed in parentheses. At line 348 the string "#IMPLIED" is appended to all attribute definitions regardless of type. For other types like Boolean and CDATA, a space is appended. Not for these enumerations. This results in a DTD validation error. Ref [XERCES definition](

The full message displayed in VSCode may be different from elsewhere:

White space is required before the attribute default in the declaration

of attribute "x" for element "y".


This simple one-line change appends the space character required to avoid that error.

**Note:** This should not be modified into a change on the `joinAlts` Collector which surrounds values in parentheses. That Collector is used elsewhere where regex syntax is applied immediately after. See line 298. That asterisk cannot be separated from the values with a space. The space must only be applied to line 327.