stefan bodewig <> in ant-git

I've broken output to files that don't exist before running sshexec

Merge branch '1.9.x'

bad indentation and missing heading

adapt to Python3

closes #96, thanks to @twogee

typo, thanks to @twogee

maybe build deletes the downloaded archive?

JavaMail -> Jakarta Mail - Bugzilla Issue 63683

fix file name

go back to Spnar Scanner 2.5.0

the new sonarqube scanner seems to rquire binaries

upgrade sonarqube-ant-tasks

try to move from ASF's Sonarqube to

use Files API rather than FileWriter

Merge branch '1.9.x'

snap publishing for the 1.9.x branch

Merge pull request #99 from bodewig/snap

add snap publishing for Ant

Merge branch '1.9.x'

improve error message if Java cannot be found

this is why we still use env and friends

this is why we still use env and friends

some of the JUnit tests do not work when run from Maven

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exclude tests from Maven that require a specific Ant file structure

missing license headers

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Merge branch '1.9.x'

add missing license header

Merge branch '1.9.x'

new year, well not that new anymore

Merge branch '1.9.x'

respect failOnError when running ls checkout - Bugzilla 63071

I've decided to break backwards compatibility with the way I've

overridden runS. The "proper" way would have been to call the one-arg

version from the two-arg version so that subclasses overriding runS

would still get their method called. But I figured it to be extremely

unlikely that such subclasses exist.