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Change in T2 Driver to MT Server

To T2 Driver added public method to pass SQL data to MT Server.

It is used to get INOUT or OUT SPJ Parameters.

Changed copyright year to 2015

Converted TABs to BLANKs

Change-Id: I5991361a5b061d85b83dedba098abe4a2642e240

MT Server - added catalog functions

Added following catalog functions:

getTables(catalog, schema, table, tpList)




getColumns(catalog, schema, table, column)

getTablePrivileges(catalog, schema, table)

getColumnPrivileges(catalog, schema, table, column)

getBestRowIdentifier(catalog, schema, table, rowIdScope, nullable)

getVersionColumns(catalog, schema, table)

getProcedures(catalog, schema, table)

getProcedureColumns(catalog, schema, table, column)

getPrimaryKeys(catalog, schema, table)

getExportedKeys(catalog, schema, table)

getImportedKeys(fkCatalog, fkSchema, fkTable)


getIndexInfo(catalog, schema, table, uniqueness, true)

This has the DCS change for stat publication (1685)

Change-Id: I9657564f8bf9f295855eaf22ade8cd85c2e6ba39

Publishing properties added to T2 Driver

followingpublishing properties have been added:

statisticsIntervalTime default value 60 seconds

statisticsLimitTime default value 60 seconds

statisticsType default value aggregated

programStatisticsEnabled default value true

statisticsSqlPlanEnabled default value true

this change (1685) and the corresponding DCS change (1686) are



Fixed reported issues

Change-Id: I7fc5380742a6d8a8a21b3f58b79288fb5ec2653a

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    • +937
Updating pom.xml with release 1.1.0

1. Changed T2 Driver version to 1.1.0

2. Changed T2 Driver repo from org.trafodion-dev.jdbc.t2.T2Driver to


3. Changed T4 Driver version to 1.1.0

Change-Id: Ia7c663fd2e52cdfa579de688721a4917f2b4fcbc

some MT Servers do not return back to AVAILABLE

Fixed synchronization between Listener and Worker Threads

Change-Id: I9929a2713b262a265556c8e1d2930642ba22bebd

LP 1442730 Eliminating SQL Cancel for PUBLISHING Queries

In Publishing Thread added "CQD DETAILED_STATISTICS 'OFF'"

Change-Id: Ica8c5e3e339deb33ce0a10db14275e9dc0d19dc4

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    • +25
LP 1442730 Eliminating SQL Cancel for PUBLISHING Queries

DCSMaster checks if OID ends with text "_PUBLISHING" and if yes, ignores

SQL Cancel

Patch #1

Fixed reported problems

Change-Id: I4b913517f5cbb20bfca203c6f9bfa9fa9abd5047

Fixed query cancel sent by ODBC Driver

If Sql Cancel is sent by JDBC Driver, srvrObjRef has only portNumber.

When the request is sent by ODBC Driver, its format is following:


To get the portNumber we have to parse srvrObjRef string


Replaced ip Address by <IpAddress> and port number by <portNumber>

Change-Id: Ic839bee2be44e9ca88fa2f8cd2cb1a72ff5ef994

Fixes in serverMT

1. In pom.xml changed jdbct2 version to 1.1.0 and

repository to org.trafodion.jdbc.t2.T2Driver

2. Changed processing of server state to make connect/disconnect process

more robust

3. Cleanup code

4. Fixed problem with connecting timeout

5. Added to Sql Connection two options: ENFORCE_ISO88591 and




1. Changed pom.xml back to previous T2 dev repository and version


Change-Id: I5ca6f2055d1e6fd81b4f65e8d5e6b26df9fe308e

changed default schema to TRAFODION.SEABASE

Change-Id: I2d079ed749c0a8110629d23710479f1f7892f9bf

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fix in T4 Driver

Changed checking exception_nr returned by the server after

commit/rolback transaction

Change-Id: If4f880d286de252906660c80b9d695d1a05380ad

T2 Driver fix

Fixed null pointer exception when run Phoenix Test on multithreaded


Change-Id: I1667ba1def81760b7361f4c1dc54ce620dcc798e

partialy fix for query cancel

1. prepared DcsMaster for accepting request sent by T4 Driver to cancel

the query

2. Cleanup the code. Changing tabs to spaces.

3. Added processing unknown requests.



1. To servermt added processing EndTransaction

2. To Master Listener added processing requests in LITTLE_ENDIAN

3. To servermt added fix for Logging

4. Fixed Exception message in RequestCancelQuery

5. In servermt fixed bugs reported in Phoenix Test.



1. Fixed wrong text exception

2. Added checking if LOG is on

3. Removed listing LOG properties

4. Fixed precision for TIME and TIMESTAMP

5. Changed TYPE_EXPLAIN to return result set

6. Changed in SqlFetch process EOD

7. To SqlPrepare added more LOG info

8. Changed TConnection/TStatement closing



1. added query cancel procedure.

2. to pom.xml changed hadoop version to 2.5.0-cdh5.3.0 to make T2 driver


3. to servermt added SqlClose Api

4. fixed more problems in servermt



1. in pom.xml changed hadoop version to 2.6.0 and removed cloudera


2. fixed connecting timeout.

3. added connecting server state.

4. cleanup debug log messages.

5. restored in ClientData accidently deleted code.



1. fixed TAB-SPAC issues



Fixed issues reported in code review

Change-Id: Ifd0b7835c87dbf84d5ea0dde05219a0651f19a74

  1. … 12 more files in changeset.
added new DCS Serverna

fixed reported issues:

1. copyright 2015

2. changed tabs to spaces

3. versioning in T2Driver

4. Added detailed description

fixed reported issues.

changed the name of Dcs Serverna to new name Dcs Servermt

changed System.out.println to LOG.debug

changed serverna to servermt in jamon

added property dcs.server.handlers.threads.max. This

property limits number of threads created by Dcs Server.

Default value is 10.

Fixed error in dcs

fixed description of the property

cleanup the code

changed system.out.println to LOG

Change-Id: Ib5b47a5c09171ddd1b1f062fe8e7b26bf31779bd

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T2Driver - more minor fixes

Change-Id: I6f9ea31172e428a18be77ee87df6da8212847b56

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Changes in T2 driver to support new NA server.

1. T2 Driver: added method necessary for NA Server

- Changes are in java and native parts

- used to pass back to NA Server: Descriptors and SQL Data

2. T4 Driver: added property TCP_NoDelay

- disable/enable TCP Nagle's algorithm

- defined in property file

- snytax: TCP_NoDelay <yes/no>

- default is <yes>

3. T4 Driver: added functions LTrim and RTrim.

- Used in INTERVAL data type to suppress right zeros.



Changes in T2 driver:

1. Changed year in copyright info to 2015

2. Changed charset from UTF-16BE to UTF-16LE

3. Changed allocLength for dataType VARCHAR_WITH_LENGTH(-601) and

charset not ISO8859 to (allocLength - 1).

Changes in T4 driver

1. Changed year in copyright info to 2015



Fixed reported issues

Change-Id: I276da01a0cd3c8ac704ebde8ebed071e58d928d3

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DCS connections are now more evenly spread out among nodes

Change-Id: I13765883b31639dcf3ae5c12a90444ab8e135961