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Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into mybranch1

Fix #1369853

T2 and T4 drivers return different errors if fetch/get data is issued

when cursor is after last row.

Change-Id: Ia91119b57c147e43ad5ea06fe1fd2c28ceca7c52

Test prefix in SQL Statement

Add JDBCBasic27()

Change-Id: I241346a732c270c06e576ff29f5c627995e1ed78

Bug #1421081

JDBC Driver can't working

while it has contained prefix /*xxx*/

in SQL Statement

Change-Id: I462889ae300187aabe9433d56bf97957ddd1f9bc

fix #1395212 With multiple statements,statement seems to be closed.

Change-Id: I8ec5bc1e87865240e6aa26a7afde44fa92da4305

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Fix Bug #1366987 T2 Version no. and T4 name

Change-Id: Ifd9dbb272afa238da80abc0d88199b461d251db8

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Fix Bug #1343678 JDBC Sample CallableStatementSample

Change-Id: I3a95fd21fd0e8a49f9d5dca8b1b5920f438a05ff

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