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Changed the HDP repository location to pick the latest one

Change-Id: Iae13212c6c082b0602477afa8f2b2fe1bffcd318

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Changed the HDP repository location to pick the latest one

Change-Id: Iae13212c6c082b0602477afa8f2b2fe1bffcd318

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Misc. fixes to sqcollectlogs - collect trafodion.dtm.log etc.

Change-Id: I2e9c4c8502e57ec06bb739fb6951eea435f4d2e7

Fix for bug 1404959

Rename trafodion 'pkill' to 'traf_pkill' to avoid

conflict with /usr/bin/pkill.

Change-Id: Ibe76f212e1544b00480c6e890878274968352c7f

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Txn path perf improvements based on code review by the DTM team

Change-Id: I9e32f9e9ed5c5ac207edf93d3c510ef97e0f61f3


a) remove support for CDH4.2

b) install_local_hadoop: remove names, incorrect comments,

and non-existent hbase-extensions JAR

setup in

Change-Id: I7574cd780524f78e8ab47d764dbe6fd1d4d9e612

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Fix for bug 1378472

Remove the check for the region name in the TRX endpoint coprocessor.

Also removed the build of TRX for Java version 1.6

Change-Id: Iedc0d13831971f50cd660f713876c478f84200e1

Bug 1378552: install_local_hadoop fails in a binary package

The binary package already contains the TRX jar - but it

still tries to build it.

Update install_local_hadoop to only build TRX if the

TRX jar does not exist.

Change-Id: Icad000cfea026d18932e598896b44d24563b2613

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Avoid 'unnecessary' construction of (multiple) String objects.

- when log4j logging level is not set to TRACE or DEBUG.

E.g.: For this Java log4j call:

LOG.trace("Enter foo var1: " + var1 + " var2: " + var2);

Let's say that the log4j logging level is set to ERROR.

The above code will construct multiple String objects

and append operations on them to create a String object that

is then passed to the 'trace()' method where it will

check whether the log level is not TRACE and simply return.

So, we spent a lot of cycles for nothing. The following

changes will help circumvent that.

Thanks to Selva for this suggestion.





if (LOG.isTraceEnabled()) LOG.trace(....




if (LOG.isDebugEnabled()) LOG.debug(....

Change-Id: I111a6cdd7e88bdcf070c9ad52956b15e65c3cdb4

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Removing an extraneous source tree: sqf/src/seatrans/hbase-trx2


We inadvertently created a directory 'hbase-trx2' (when we were working on HBase0.98 in a side-branch). So want to clean that up.

Change-Id: I74c018e179786abefe80c49c5c0804cf0ab269ff

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a) undo disable txns for DDL change b) fix USE_TRANSACTIONS_SCANNER setup

Change-Id: Ib37e202b9239305bd1e38e2761b587a4316ee439

Delivery of the Migration to HBase 0.98 branch

Change-Id: I410b90e0730f5d16f2e86a63cbffe4abaf9daa5d

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Bugid: 1346546 : Phoenix T2 tests failed with many core files

a) For T2 code, set the env variable TM_ENABLE_CLEANUP to 0

in the JNI function checkLibraryVersion (conn/jdbc_type2/native/SqlInterface.cpp)

b) Correct the interpretation of TMLIB_ENABLE_CLEANUP in the TM library code

Change-Id: If793e7af96dd82e5e56f65708c27ad3fba94ac78

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increase the trafodion.dtm.log file size and rollover count

Also added a (commented out) DailyRollingFileAppender

and the following property associated with it:


So, if one needs to roll the log file daily, simply uncomment the


Change-Id: I5254ff43246ebd34f4737a79dffb3adc346d5d48

Fix for bug 1325687

Memory leak in the TM library - the context information associated with a

transaction was not being de-referenced after a commit/abort/suspend.

Change-Id: I27cb35e5a4042225cb903ec75a0175013d9d67a6

Do not link in qpid if TM_USE_SEAPILOT is not ON.

- TM Makefile change to not link in the seapilot wrapper library (-lwrappersq)

- Wrap some code with #ifdef TM_USE_SEAPILOT

Change-Id: I3d78ca2bf22d9dc3898984b9c6f4f917e689fdf6