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Migrate from log4cpp to log4cxx

This change is a wholesale removal of log4cpp from source tree.

log4cxx is an external library installed via RPM, or user build

to default /usr/lib64 and /usr/include directories. Some of the

QRLogger and CommonLogger code was changed to use the new log4cxx


Change-Id: I248bac0a8ffbfea6cbc1ba847867b30638892eae

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Cleanup WMS POC

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Add jdbcT2 driver trace properties

The jdbct2 driver properties traceFile and traceFlag may now be

set from DCS configuration for multithreaded DcsServer class.

The 2 new propertie are t2.driver.trace.file and t2.driver.trace.flag.

The default DcsServer .log file is used for traceFile and traceFlag

default to 0 or no tracing.

Change-Id: I7ce042bb1f8d27fb802f1a4950447f77defa0359

Add info messages when DcsServer is waiting for DcsManager znode

Closes Bug #1443597

Change-Id: I39c83591ab52a2a2c3795e068122c1df52ce3d4a

Migrated embedded Jetty from ver. 6 to ver 9.2.10

Jetty version was extremely outdated. Upgraded to 9.

Change-Id: I2df786b35be9a47d4d0915fabdde85ccd2b133fa

Added site step to build

Modified Makefile to include "site" step to generate documentation

in target/site directory.

Change-Id: Ib516d74c18559b37006d7ba62a3d4ea2e6ab3748

Added versioning for maven-assembly-plugin

Intermittent build errors, see below, on Jenkins machines cannot be reliably

reproduced. We're not seeing this on workstations. Since DCS is

using very old version 2.2-beta-5 we'll experiment with newer

version 2.5.3

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-assembly-plugin:2.2-beta-5:single (tarball) on project dcs: Failed to create assembly: Error creating assembly archive all: Problem creating TAR: entry closed at '356337' before the '356339' bytes specified in the header were written -> [Help 1]


[ERROR] To see the full stack trace of the errors, re-run Maven with the -e switch.

[ERROR] Re-run Maven using the -X switch to enable full debug logging.


[ERROR] For more information about the errors and possible solutions, please read the following articles:

[ERROR] [Help 1]

Change-Id: Id0837ba28f6d1bc7e574d914da8657a943cf13ca

Removed check for period in FQDN

When property dcs.dns.interface is specified some systems return

only the short DNS name. DCS assume that returned name always

contains at least one "." This caused a null value to be inserted

into zookeeper nodes for the hostname.

closes bug: #1442402

Change-Id: Idb9abd3c63bba1293adb4797902f7128e3c3f07c

Updated floating IP documentation

Added addtional text in architecture and configuration.

Fixed some nits from last code review

Change-Id: I2183f76a61034c08ab377b53e9f3e3a790b2d5fb

Add REST server jstack command

Using new curl command e.g.,

curl -X GET -H "Accept: application/json" http://<hostname:port>/v1/servers/jstack/program/<pid>

returns jstack output for given pid

Removed LAST_UPDATED column from /dcs/connections output

Patch set #2

Cleaned up unused code

Change-Id: Ib25f3ed4e69233b0a6ff8c8bc96dc3b043d5e0fb

Added floating IP feature

DcsMaster backups are configured in the conf/backup-masters file.

Whenever a backup takes over it now executes the bin/scripts/

script to move the floating IP to its own node. There are 3 new

properties necessary. They are:


Disabled by default. This property is used to enable/disable the

the floating IP feature.


There is no default. The user must specify the network interface

to use for floating ip.


There is no default. The user must specify the dotted IP

address to use for floating ip.

Patch set #2

removed hostname from backup-masters file

cleaned up trailing spaces

Patch set #3

updated copyrights

Change-Id: Ib9f9aa618716a0424c2dd160e5dc819c6c1a33eb

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Added Trafodion REST Reference Guide

Change Makefile to automatically build reference guide

Cleanup resources/rest-default.xml

Change-Id: I7bd3955886823cb8c62f6681c87def4fbd4fc592

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Added additional REST server commands

Please see

for details.


Patch 2

Server now retrieves obfuscated SSL password from property

rest.ssl.password. If property not set then SSL is disabled.

Server creates conf/rest-keystore using SSL password.

Set default rest.port=4200 and rest.https.port=4201

Cleanup some code


Patch 3

Fixes after code review

Change-Id: I6204e96b67ed0de4c67f853495a5486918559e02

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Corrects problem in setting Java garbage collection switched in bin/dcs

The file conf/ was missing some basic params for

analysing GC. Also the script bin/dcs didn't correctly set

the switches in SERVER_GC_OPTS variable.

Closes bug: 1429344

Change-Id: Iabdc0443900990c24c6a13b634eeccf00ea3b630

Convert DSC documentation from docbooks to asciidoc

Docbooks was very difficult for contributors to easily add

updates. More time was spent fixing xml tags than writing

the needed documentation. Asciidoc while very feature rich in

its tag set is much much easier to learn.

Change-Id: Ib23ba6c11c8b0f13023119e181ea16efddd07ac6

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Added new Trafodion REST server infrastructure

This commit provides the infrastructure for a Trafodion REST

server. The code was taken from stand alone DCS rest server and

slightly modified to retain just the REST server components and

its supporting scripting and JDBC T2/T4 capabilities. Additional

work is needed by installation group but it currently can be

started in standalone mode while requirements are fully fleshed out.

Change-Id: I1e7a07a426a2b2c21bbb8c9fdb62222bc542329d

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DcsServer checks if Trafodion is running before mxosrvr restart

DcsServer aggresively tried to restart its child mxosrvrs.

In scenarios where Trafodion had been stopped abruptly e.g.,

when "ckillall" command was executed, it would cause many

mxosrvr processes to start then quickly die. This change

adds check to ensure that Trafodion is running before ever

attempting a restart of any mxosrvr.

Change-Id: If430ce94e6071e402786d73d544d2ab23306d1fe

Closes-Bug: #1411475

Logging for JdbcT2 driver now directed to DCS log

A companion commit to bug/1419112. DCS now used

when calling Trafodion HBaseClient.

See bug 1419112

Change-Id: Ic160d7307f938e12150bbf9c30f2272bd604f415

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    /src/main/java/org/trafodion/dcs/util/ may use external file

The executor/ class unconditionally configures

log4j using conf/log4j.hdfs.config file. This caused a problem

for external clients in that their log4j configurations were reset

causing all subsequent client events to be written to the

HBaseClient log file. A client may want its log events written

to its own log file or console. This commit introduces a new property

"" so clients can specify which log4j

properties file to use when HBaseClient sets up logging. For internal

clients such as sqlci the existing behavior is maintained.

Change-Id: Ic60b5d7f0e03a308f057ee6a9a9feaa47c4aaf1c

Closes-Bug: #1419112

HBaseClient now logs correctly. Updated copyright

HbaseClient failed to setup log4j properly due to its

inability to locate the correct properties file.

Updated copyright

Closes-Bug: #1391918

Change-Id: Ifed74ca8879431254b8a8e6586e717eb588a924f

Revised copyright text

Change-Id: Ie16547bee77032137cb0578f6be5abefbba478e2

Disabled statistics, updated documentation & copyright notices.

Change-Id: I5bd92fa3a65007be792f7e97f2d66cc90b443823

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Enable repository status by default closes bug: 1413382

Change-Id: Idd1433657c8dfec66ad066ec5914f6daa3e7fcb9

Enable repostiory statistics by default closes bug: 1413413

Change-Id: Idd270085f2c5410395d2b58d8ec56a5aed6e8f42

Enabled repository statistics in install_local_hadoop closes bug: 1413415

Change-Id: I28c8deec0b946f8cf0e1f1e2bda2d2b4d3fb5543

Fixed issue with Trafodion query tools connection pool

Added more error checking to handle errors

Change-Id: I9c66c03cb45643b15602afb91f05c2d78c7d5b55

Trafodion repository fixes

Ability to query 3 repository tables and visual query plan.

Change-Id: Iedfb3c879d6d7f2c1c0a66472a9ae28ad7d64eb9

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Second part of change to disable mxosrvr repos stats

After first checkin it was discovered that change was not affected in

dcs-default.xml resource file.

Closes bug: #1409091

Change-Id: Ib52049087db243939e405d74c30ea3a72cac6b9d

Disable workload statistics publishing Closes-Bug: #1409091

Disable the publishing of workload statistics in mxosrvr.

This is set in the following property:


Change-Id: I7d6227dbe04f50aa670ceb0a21aaf95dcd4454be