marvin anderson <> in Trafodion

Added log4cxx rpm to support changes in Trafodion core.

Change-Id: Ifbaf9e600d63a42506bae44d93af56bf9d5a4926

Set Zookeeper's maxClientCnxns=0 and add Ambari 2.0 support

Added code to modify zookeeper's maxClientCnxns=0 to allow

for unlimited connections in Cloudera because build jobs

were failing due to hitting max connections. This was not

a problem in Hortonworks.

Updated ambari_setup script to use latest Ambari 2.0 version.

Change-Id: I74ec08c5dacfe78dad5934fad8634b3c01f62440

Fix for when REST server is not present in the build

If installing a 1.0 Trafodion build, the REST server is not

present. This fix adds logic to check if the REST server is

in the Trafodion build and handle it appropriately by not trying

to isntall it.

Change-Id: Ied4fb00403422e72926842f274f275675990ec5c

Improved distro detection

Replaced the previous method of distro detection with a more reliable

one and removed an error check that is now made obsolete.

Change-Id: I772dcd042a115535869c6199646653c1e1b0562f

Fixed bug in assignment of HOME_DIR

Change-Id: I1dcdab43105c7b504ee5985943aa5113fc030668

Fixed Linux limits settings and other bugs

Changed the way Linux system limits are set for trafodion

previously they were set in /etc/security/limits.conf and now

they are set for the trafodion userid in our own file in

/etc/security/limits.d/trafodion.conf in traf_setup

Fixed bug where node list kept getting appended to when user

entered node names on subsequent runs of the installer instead of

resetting the node list in traf_config_setup

Deleted some old code no longer used in traf_add_user

Added a recusive option to a chmod to handle the case when the

directory already existed and had other files in it in


Change-Id: I971799c93786b810b878e6434d8aae28c67b4db3

REST server support and several bug fixes.

Added REST Server installation/configuration

Fixed JAVA_HOME not getting set correctly on all nodes

Removed LOCAL_WORKDIR from config file which caused problems

when later installs were ran from a different sudo userid.

Fixed problem where NODE_LIST was getting reversed node order

Fixed traf_*_mods98 scripts that were using $PWD instead of

$LOCAL_WORKDIR which caused hbase-trx jar file to not be

copied to all nodes.

patch 1: Added code to support older Trafodion builds that do

not have the REST build tar file.

Also moved some pdsh commands to after pdsh has been installed.

Change-Id: I3a1c51255ca34899a003257f8e442267dddfbdf1

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Fixed bug with default & previous values for build tar files

If a build file was specified (as opposed to a package file) by the user

the values from previous runs was not being picked up as the

default values on subsequent runs. This fixes that for the

trafodion build and DCS build tar files.

Change-Id: I7bc941a0789a2619268d2dfb439daf7f593e0c94

Reordered the way HDFS and HBase are restarted for Hortonworks

Previously, components were restarted in this order:

restart HBase

restart HDFS

This might have been causing intermittent issues on the Jenkins

gate machines resulting in hanging sqstart.

This change reorders it to this:

stop HBase

stop HDFS

start HDFS

start HBase

Change-Id: I3fe21b69d33f9b74cd0859e4400fa02b93f7a371

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Added logic to wait for HDFS to leave safemode before continuing.

When HDFS Namenode restarts, it is temporarily in safemode which

makes HDFS read-only for a time. This caused the hdfs mkdir/setfacl

commands to sometimes fail.

Added some additional error checks for HDFS commands and corrected some

message texts.

Change-Id: I026ef87f715edbdabfd0115d93ac0638dfdf0147

Changed "chown" to "-chown" for the hdfs dfs commands.

Change-Id: Iab3dd3b0914eebcf2d0d08821cf968966bab0062

Added configuration support for snapshot scans and other misc settings

Set HDFS dfs.namenode.acls.enabled=true and added several setfacl commands

as configuration support for snapshot scans.

Set HBase to 10 minutes, this setting

is synonymous with

Fixed a few temp file paths

edit 1: added mkdir and chown for the acls directories for the build machines

which didn't seem to have them.

Change-Id: I3a00018ed3980be06b3c4886d015338d4c4cb11f

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Added code to create the /lobs directory needed for lobs support

Change-Id: I250de40cef59b3471e42744f322466aa3c8ec269

Adding additional diagnostics to debug jenkins gate problem

Change-Id: I5a4c1b490dbfc27b6de327db378c9227322f1ad8

Merge the private shared single script repo into master.

This is a checkin of the single script project which basically

wraps all the various scripts into one single script that the user

runs. The script now has the logic to determine which Hadoop distro

is installed as well as to determine if it is a full install or only

an upgrade and many other changes.

This was developed and tested in a private shared repo so

a review of the code has already been done. QA has approved this

to be checked in.

edit1: fixed shift problem in parsing parameters

edit2: Fixed problems with user config file

Added more error checking for config file

edit3: Fixed config directory creation

edit4: Fixed copyright and OpenStack VM package installation

edit5: Changed Java version detection

No longer do yum removes if package is there already

edit6: Refixed OpenStack VM package installation that got

overlaid in a merge

Added chown command to handle case where SQ_ROOT was not

a sub-directory of the Trafodion userid's home dir

Change-Id: I37a331c89c311feee430541b69f5f7dfe2177e60

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Determine external network for DCS in a multi-network cluster.

Some systems have multiple networks (an internal maintence

network and an external network). Sometimes DCS would choose

the internal network making it impossible for a client to connect

to Trafodion. The installer will now detect the external network and

write it into the DCS config file so DCS will always use the

external network.

Change-Id: I9df0df2a4c8c39e2532cad957fb3e8de786973a5

Remove unneeded coprocessor class for HBase 0.98 support

Also, fixed bug where AggregateImplementation was missing

from traf_hortonworks_mods98

Change-Id: Ied1c513f2f2ecc9a2e054df54b52ddf72bb2a2dd

Added support for HBase 0.98

Created two new scripts to handle the settings

needed for HBase 0.98 support.

Renamed "ambari" scripts to "hortonworks" to be more

consistent. Change trafodion_mods script to use the

new filenames.

edit: Removed commented out code which was left in

by mistake

Change-Id: Iba68f8d6b0f55c251f8bdc9002a372620495946b

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Fixed private key file check and odd characters in license prompt.

The prompt for accepting the license had microsoft word quote characters

in it which did not render as quotes on some terminal connections.

change the characters to standard ascii quote characters.

The test for private key file was missing a logical not operator.

Change-Id: Ia628cde5008674f8b7fba85e221a790e664fe6d7

Fix for Bug #1373530. Zookeeper quorum was wrong in dcs-site.xml file.

The dcs_installer script was incorrectly trying to get the zookeeper

quorum node name in the single node cluster case. In the single

node cluster case the zookeeper quorum is simply the node name.

Change-Id: I69b7f857521ac9fd03fdd63742b6bdbf94ee3c6b

Fix for Bug #1367567 java version detection

A specific java path with a dash in it (/usr/lib/jvm/java-1.6.0)

did not work with the previous method of parsing the java version.

Instead of trying to parse out the java version sub-string,

changed code to look for 1.7. or 1.6.

Also, moved java version detection logic up to trafdoion_mods so its

only done in one location.

Change-Id: I7e08fdda85818908a119ee592ee6460ae4092feb

Fix for #1359346 Java version detection

Improved code to properly detect Hadoop's java version instead of

java version of just any java program that was running

Also added error message to catch case when unable to determine

the java version which will now stop execution instead of

continuing and installing the wrong java version like it used

to do.

Change-Id: Iac902fe27e72d9c055c9170d5324e88739441fbb

Fix for #1359358 dcs_installer server file format

Changed code to generate the new DCS servers file format

of one line per node with a count of servers for that node

instead of the older format of listing a node multiple times

Old format:









New format:

node1 3

node2 3

node3 2

Change-Id: Ice5ba9ced25ea61b6dea23a2f6036605dcd7a694

Fix for #1360448 Check sqconfig file for commas

This only occurs on nodes with two core cpus. Made sure

sqconfig file cores= value is generated as a range and not

a list.

Change-Id: I9fa4a78226e5d724d6c91cd0be019dc8747b4d1b

Code was checking wrong return code from a piped command.

Changed code to check return code of first command in the pipe.

Change-Id: I4d8a034e50281854a7aa565e2bfcc604d64227e0

Change hard coded version id to dynamically determined one

Added code to parse the Trafodion version id from the

hbase-trx-n.n.n.jar filename.

Change-Id: Ia8cdf8a6942e6af0bf16a055203fcd874700bb73

Changes to support bulkload and DTM enabling Tlog

bulkload support

1) added code to copy the new trafodion-hbase-extensions jar file

2) added code to create two new folders under hdfs and set their permissions

3) added bulkload settings to hbase regionserver settings

DTM Tlog support

This is a coordinated change needed to support trafodion/core

change I9357aa30c201c8ec357cac7fad69101cd1bb3ff6. Added two new

hbase regionserver settings for hlog and tlog.

Fixed chmod error discovered during review.

Change-Id: I3747c5a4fac6d57d111e4268b9642b806c068974

Add hbase.snapshot.enabled=true to Cloudera HBase settings

Change-Id: If7d60b14d9eecf3f29a8c05e98df4ca82f6f459d

Adding installation of more rpm packages.

Added the following rpm packages:

pixman libXfont libX11 perl-Params-Validate perl-Time-HiRes

Made the optional group packages into separate installs

so we can more easily see which one failed.

Changed the EPEL rpm installation to use wget which will timeout

if unable to reach the download site. The previous method of

using rpm directly could hang forever.

Change-Id: Ifad64df0f6ba493877ce777890ab17a8b193a3ff

Upgrade filenames to 0.8.3 version.

The hbase-trx jar filename changed and the installer needs

to use the new 0.8.3 based filename.

Change-Id: Id9eb6728df66bdd0712ca9c1ed4b543d729a19c5