liuming <> in Trafodion

fix SSCC bug that will cause exception for nontrans rows

Change-Id: Id2f57c075282328df79ebb13eb30b798a0937b1d

Fix SSCC delete issue

Change-Id: I78e76744a00616c8b8f77678d180a2e3a60da103

clean up old version for SSCC data before compaction

Change-Id: I347175c25ce319bc88e2271f661b1635bf930754

change to LOG.trace in SSCC critical path"

Change-Id: Ibaa344d2f9556c05dd29413db7e716e04eaf095a

create meta column family for transaction data

Change-Id: Idd70b44d06e53f529d3ca3a69b89bd9d4b8ac86f

Step 2 of merging SSCC into github

Change-Id: Ia31e484ef09ce73339d90040f54af775b29b23a6

redo: Step 1 to merge SSCC into github

Change-Id: Id7fe66406d3db542138feb346bbd3fc3b0d6b99f

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refactor TransactionState, subclassing.

Change-Id: Idc822b4438ddbb44b9532fcab2375609e2de44d7