liu ming <> in Trafodion

update the words

[TRAFODION-3038] fix HDP download link in install_local_hadoop script

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fix typo

the assert is good, just need to fix the comments

[TRAFODION-3201] revert wrong changes in TRAFODION-3175

[TRAFODION-3193]update cqd reference manual about the new CQD

update the delay time using random number

fix review comments

reduce the retry number to 100, sorry I was in a debug mode before commit

[TRAFODION-2952] large amount of data will cause error in sequence generating

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enhance by adding comments and adding error check

first check in, must switch to other task

[TRAFODION-3182] cleanup monitor log content

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remove that unused code

[TRAFODION-1881] A better way to solve TRAFODION-1858

for not nullalble column bypass the indicator get to avoid core dump

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[TRAFODION-3175] enhance ExeCliInterface get interface to return null indicator

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