kevin xu <> in Trafodion

hbcheck, file exists issue

Print out original exceptions for cert error

support one more date pattern 'yyyy-MM-dd:.*'

Remove testing variable

Exception is thrown, when using TrafT4DataSource in jdbcT4

Try to close connection while got exception

Remove current catalog& schema check

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JAR conflict for Jasper

Along with jdbcT4 rename changes

For Trafci which not care about version

Rename required prefix with Traf

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Variable hostname is not in use

uncomment allocStmt

Create directories before copy

Close statements while executing new query

add one more param for put for file existing check

add PDSH default value for rmJar

add more log and set default value for pdsh/pdcp

not show the file with DELETE postfix

syc delete jars

add more logs and add NO TRANSACTION REQUIRED

using $SQ_PDCP/$SQ_PDSH for pdcp/pdsh

reduce data copy and close sequence

CHAR type already added 1 bytes in buffer from t2

fix typo issue

paramiterize library name

add a lock for file upload

ignore output file

update help doc

support add/alter/drop libraries