judy zhao <> in Trafodion

To convert single quoted application name to double single-quoted strings.

Fixing for #bug 1449195.

The application name came from MS ODBC Administrator.

Change-Id: I49b31a7ba0c7c252d2858298f8ff5c2e549344aa

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Fix for bug #1433926 ,bug #1435995 and bug #1443784

When type=aggregated :

1.Publish query stats ,only if executes > limit.

2.Publish all query stats if limit=0.

3.Don't publish query stats if limit<0.

4.Publish aggregation stats according to the interval.

When some parameters are minus ,the program would take the negative sign as the beginning of last option.That will result the program hang .The change fixing the issue also.That is bug #1443784.

Change-Id: Ie08f1fc566c2503f90e8566a4e80265a7bea1d8f

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Fix for bug #1432703

Removed the support for "query" type from command parameters.

Change-Id: I433efe960236624185dd1219d336083c964d6073

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Fix for bug #1414100

1.The queryStartTime is not always equal to prepare time.


queryStartTime will be set/updated.

Change-Id: Iaa6498865a213c1f13e2a3294a8b53e2bc80d537

Fix for bug #1430900

1.Removed host_addr_get() .

2.To get hostname from parameter "-RZ".

3.The parameters RZ and TCPID are required,mxosrvr will exit if missing them.

4.Removed unuseful comments

Change-Id: I1b65c7d317e542f14c8b04fa2d8fe2a94fa440d7

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Fix for bug #1415936

Bug #1415936:host name is blank for mxosrvr INFO log.

To fix it ,call host_addr_get to get host name no matter

whether -TCPADD is set or not.

If TCPADD is set and different with the ip returned

by host_addr_get,TCPADD is used and host name is set to "UNRESOLVED".

If TCPADD is set and same with the ip returned by host_addr_get,

TCPADD is used and host name is set from host_addr_get.

If TCPADD is not set ,ip and host name are set from host_addr_get.

Change-Id: I987dd156e6fc16f99c1d2b24e17d6d041cd3bcb1

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Fix for bug #1409225

The changes include fixing for bug 1409225(same 1409228) and 1409227.

Bug 1409225,there are errors about unmatched quotes.

Bug 1409228,EXEC_END_UTC_TS is null for 'alter table' and some drop stmt.

They have same root cause--string ERROR_TEXT was not correctly terminated.

To fix bug 1409227,simply set METRIC_QUERY_TABLE as SUBMIT_UTS_TS=EXEC_START_UTC_TS for now.

Also include fix for another unmatched quotes case.

Change-Id: I41bded0f7a4911e4590e94991bfafbb3145e51d0

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