Clone <> in Trafodion

remove useless comments

add copyright and some comments

add a scripts to make trafodion build easily and Visualized

There are several unpleasant places when compiling the trafodion(not make package):

1. We need to redirect the make information manually,

otherwise the information will flood the screen

2. The build information mixed together so that we couldn't locate the build error quickly

3. We need to make all again when we fix a building error of one component.

This scripts could build trafodion component based.

And it will write the compiling information into build_log file

Also you can continue to compile the remaining components which havn't been compiled by commented

components which have finished compiled.

remove unused code in mxosrvr --first step

[TRAFODION-3221]support using ipv6 with jdbct4 to connect trafodion