aven <> in Trafodion

[TRAFODION-3250] optimize get/set schema

[TRAFODION-3246] support TLS for jdbc

[TRAFODION-3246] add slf4j in jdbc

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support customer define client charset

[TRAFODION-2668] fix nid been accidentally deleted


TRAFODION-3019 pstmt.setByte cannot support string.getbyte well

TRAFODION-2991 jdbct4 not support nchar & nvarchar

TRAFODION-2981 mxosrvr crashes during explain using EXPLAIN_QID

TRAFODION-2885 enhancement

TRAFODION-2844 use new variables for dcs startup mxosrvr

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TRAFODION-2905 query id contain null

TRAFODION-2885 dcs server cant be restart while switching master

TRAFODION-2877 optimize log when DCS server is not restarted

TRAFODION-2877 restart DCSServer when switch to backup-master

TRAFODION-2844 add strategy to dcsserver for restart moxsrvr

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optimize the description message

TRAFODION-2846 optimize for batchException message display