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[TRAFODION-2565] JDBC T2 Vproc needs updating . Causes build or initialize issues for 2.1 release

Problem seen when a build is attempted in a non-git environment.

[TRAFODION-2314] MXOSRVR sometimes exits abnormally with NAMutex assert

Fixes as suggested by Selva and Sandhya.

We were hitting the code to make heap thread safe repeatedly while running

jdbc and phoenix tests.

PROCESS_LOB flag was being set incorrectly in some cases.

Unlocking a mutex owned by a different thread lead to the assertion.

This could also result in heap corruption.

[TRAFODION-2309] Memory leak observed in Repository context

Following changes:

1. Use REALLOCSQLMXHDLS() after each execute.

2. Avoid missing stats message in repository context

3. Handle memory leak in reprepare (delete of tmpSqlString

[TRAFODION-1755] - Additional changes to handle error 8887.

Changes in mxosrvr to handle null terminator in explain plan

as needed by the following pull request:

Without these changes plans > 50K fail with error 8887.

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[TRAFODION-1916] dcscheck fails with cdh5.4.4 and hbase 1.0.0

Zookeeper jar file will now get installed in $DCS_INSTALL_DIR/lib

as was done before TRAFODION-1828. This is similar to how it's

currently been done for REST subsystem.

[TRAFODION-1930] Phoenix T2 tests failing with HDP during build phase

Change the repository URL to

Note TRAFODION-1929 and TRAFODION-1930 will need a change in

testware to pass in the CLASSPATH till the root cause of Error 706

is known.

Phoenix T2 tests failing with CDH

Partial-Bug: [TRAFODION-1929]

Temporary disable running tests with maven till root cause is known.

[TRAFODION-1473] T4 support for new sqltypecode BLOB(-602) and CLOB(-603)

Support in T2 and odbc drivers will be addressed in later checkin.

Automated tests for drivers will be checked in at that stage.

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