amanda dierickx <> in Trafodion

Fix for Bug 1449702

Added config to Zookeeper maxClientCnxns and set it to 0. Restart


Edit 1: Changed order of stopping and starting Zookeeper. Copy-paste


Edit 2: More copy-paste errors found.

Change-Id: I4bb4dc39fe9a35f7b3a94b95e054490ae140f27d

Fixed logging error

traf_start was creating its own trafodion_install<timestamp>.log file.

Now only one file is being created.

Change-Id: Ica4c362224074316a027b939333f7a70d8565686

Added ssh test, fixed tar bug, testing traf user

1. Added ssh test to make sure able to connect

2. Fixed tar bug when running installer from other directory than


3. Testing to make sure user is not running trafodion_installer from

the trafodion user id.

4. Added message to make sure user checks their firewall settings

if they can not access Hadoop.

Edit 1: Changed error reporting. Change locatoin of Trafodion user id


Edit 2: Most check outside the for loop. Changed "much" to "must".

Change-Id: I967c94ff23a0f0d55a1ca3a8ec7d51b7fb48307f

Reserving default ports (37800 and 40010) for DCS

Edit 1: Previous code was overwriting all previous reserved ports.

Edit 2: Typo

Edit 3: Typos. Added support for saving previous reserved ports.

Edit 4: Spacing.

Change-Id: I19294116da0aa062129a90a2e2ae83ca19a26237

Scanner by default, fixes to trafodion_uninstaller

Scanner running by default.

Fixes to trafodion_uninstaller (removing --instance option).

Edit 1: Changed error message, added echo statements to

trafodion_uninstaller to clarify, fixed HDP version bug.

Change-Id: If6fe0bc88abbcb634eabf4a292a0975aa87f4cc0

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Support for single node install and --no_scanner

Added support for a single node simple security installation.

Added --no_scanner flag to trafodion_install

Change-Id: Idad55ee075aa080b8dfee2cd7f9bfba8849b8fba

Simple security and scanner by default

The scanner will now be ran by default. The --no_scanner option can be

given to trafodion_install to by pass the scanner.

Simple security has now been automated. Users will be prompted to give

LDAP config information and then traf_authentication_setup will be ran

before sqstart.

Edit 1: Deleted unused variable and changed log directory for the

scanner logs.

Edit 2: Copyright

Edit 3: Changing the scanner to not be ran by default. Due to errors during


Change-Id: I60f75d11e7be615e475b3ffe4f9b4227ae6e7971

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Fix for ssh redirect bug

Removed output redirection

Change-Id: I86ee98d8a7e6ce6b36739ced2f36c770459d5c50

1440837 bug fix and ssh error catching

Testing sudo access on all nodes.

Added error checking to make sure all nodes entered are valid.

Edit 1: Small change to error checking

Change-Id: Ife2c6ec9769be94b9f26a9c94fef74c9c1b43d56

Fixed copy error and JRE error

Added error for when user trys to use a JAVA JRE instead of a JDK.

Fixed installer directory copy error that was preventing new files

from being copied to /usr/lib/trafodion/installer.

Edit 1: Changed order of Java checks.

Change-Id: I7d72b3892767e9d37f700dd2ff1b622c6b99476e

Removing HDP sandbox check.

Removed HDP sandbox check, installer can support installing on HDP


Change-Id: I52384fa20f9fa6ae1534c1371a2859ab9b281a8d

Fix for trafodion.conf bug

Trafodion.conf file was not being copied to all nodes. Needed to change

permissions on copy directory.

Edit 1: Changing permissions on $LOCAL_WORKDIR to allow multiple people

to install on one cluster. Fixed bug when setting $HOME_DIR. Fix to bug


Edit 2: Fixed typo and permission on set of files.

Edit 3: Fixed Scanner return error bug. THANKS YVES.

Edit 4: Added case if scanner fails.

Change-Id: I5a237cbae4779b91121a467b1afba65f796be4cc

Bug fix 1429923 and add error message in uninstall

Bug fix 1429923: traf_config_setup will now check if epel path entered

exists and if the file is an rpm. This questions will also only be asked

if this is the first time installing trafodion. Will warn users that if a

file is not entered that we will try to download it later. In traf_setup all nodes

are checked to see if epel is installed, if not and a path to the file

is not given then it will be downloaded and installed on all nodes

missing this rpm.

Added error message to trafodion_uninstaller if config file is not


Change-Id: Ia4f254e238d2f4f6ca4fd2826c8a7a71797d9855

Hortonworks uninstaller deleting more files

Found additional files that need to be deleted inorder to reinstall.

Change-Id: I1ccf9314acf6bc3d7bb05c6a207976b26ca4bd23

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Fix for command line arguments

Now able to use multiple command line arguments at one time.

Edit 1: Correcting $STARTING_NODE to be current hostname

Edit 2: Correcting $STARTING_NODE to be current hostname only for single

node install. Adding checkes to make sure Trafodion and Hadoop are

matching versions.

Edit 3: Correcting $STARTING_NODE

Change-Id: Icb29082d6362614f536cd170a13714ec61c359ba

Removed prompt for scanner

Scanner will now only run if --run_scanner command line option is used.

Edit 1: Fix to get correct Hortonworks repo.

Change-Id: Iac7d6f7a2cb3969ed3ce39bb744aaebd941482fd

install_feature file bug fix and epel bug fix

Edit 1: Added error message if TRAF_BUILD is not found.

Edit 2: Forgot "then"

Change-Id: I1ea7015709c72ccff5db8f86fafffa39a9d969a1

Adding Hadoop upgrade support

This code is dependent on a file being added to Trafodion core to work

for Cloudera 5.3 and Hortonworks 2.2. Until that file is added, install

will fail on Cloudera 5.3 and Hortonworks 2.2 but should build fine on

any other version.

Edit 1: Adding check to make nothing greater than Cloudera 5.3.* is

installed or Hortonworks 2.2.* is installed. Adding fix to NFS check.

Edit 2: Copy-paste error.

Edit 3: Changing permissions and type on package name

Edit 4: Error fixing

Change-Id: I065bef3d52651b8cda18deacd0bec6d2343ad1d8

NODE_LIST, removed hostname checks, scanner

Changed how NODE_LIST is created. A list of nodes is entered by the user

and that list is used to ssh to each node given which then the

"hostname" command is used to get hostname which is used to create

NODE_LIST that is used to generate sqconfig. Users can now enter in IP

addresses or node names. All hostname checks are now removed.

The scanner can now be called from trafodion installer.

Edit 1: Removed code used for testing

Edit 2: Corrected TRAF_VERSION (for when a debug build is used) and

added changes to how scanner is called.

Change-Id: I5671be3566c1fc3af0d7441254d9fa52150db2ba

Bug 1415661 and 1421373 fixed

Bug 1415661: Check to make sure trafodion user id to install trafodion

with (normally 'Trafodion') is not the same as the sudo user.

Bug 1421373: Install gzip if not installed

Change-Id: Ib9e0c080a4c3aaa95ef230045437aafbe9d1be10

Removing any hard coded "trafodion"

Removed all hard coded "trafodion" and replaced with $TRAF_USER

Change-Id: I78c5df3830b3264be91f98df3b5aa83c1689a2d6

Script name change, Java path and uninstaller bug

Changed name of traf_installer to traf_start to avoid confusion with new

script trafodion_install.

Checking to make sure there is a correct Java path in Java version


Added fix to trafodion_uninstaller to all --instance option to be ran by

root or sudo user.

Change-Id: I263f5d9969f3e53e745dc497ceead0c33ece873c

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Cloud code removal, fix Java check, uninstaller fix

Removed all code checking for HP Cloud since it is not need.

Fixed Java version check as it was not currently working as expected

Made changes to uninstaller.

Change-Id: I4b6a61f14f0870b0d8c921765532f317243a1147

Fixed pdsh issue

pdsh was being called before it might have been installed. Now

installing pdsh during traf_config_setup since it will be needed.

Change-Id: Ied68568826c0edffb6251313722b4d98586a03ab

FQDN bug fixes, HBase installed fix, Version check

Changed check for special characters.

Added new check to see if hostname configuration is correct.

Added new check to see if hostname configuration matches user entered

node names.

Fixed HBase installed on every node check.

Fixed check for Cloudera version 5.2 (and added check for 5.3) and

Hortonworks 2.2 If these versions are determined then script will error


Edit: Including fix for ssh bug (-n)

Edit 2: Typo fix

Edit 3: Added IP address check.

Edit 4: Typo fix and ssh -n

Change-Id: Iad69a569023f92f53ea5e586a38b1a96be0f28dc

Fixing ssh bug

Edit 1: Changing quotes

Edit 2: Commenting out checks until more review can be done.

Change-Id: I9726952546889db4b9aead7b9aa906cc7b00d732

Removing testing code.

Removing testing code.

Change-Id: I7ed049521ebb1a5046851ed7aed57d14df15454f

Adding check for HDP 2.2/CDH 5.2 and Java Version

Adding Java Version check from into the installer.

Adding check to error out of user tries to install Trafodion

with Hortonworks 2.2 or Cloudera 5.2 installer on their system.

Edit 1: Add check that HBase is installed on all nodes. Also, print

large error if trafodion_setup fails.

Edit 2: Changed Java version needed from 1.7.0_67 to 1.7.0_65.

Change-Id: If4e1659c7e95759ba5fc6019584fc2322243892a

Removing confusing typo in trafodion_mods

trafodion_mods stated it was only for cloudera.

Change-Id: Ic78e8f2022b0b96c883e20b1cde596ec2f386cfb

Changes to Java Warning

Java warning will now only be seen if the Java version is less than


Change-Id: Ibbf5a5f82428ffccce0bade9ac754b41060284e1