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Add code for generating website via Maven

Add code to generate website using Maven, Maven Fluido Skin, and AsciiDoctor.

Also renamed the readme file to (Markdown) so it will render properly

in GitHub.

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Fix mvnloocalrepo option and update README

* Fix mvnlocalrepo option so it is used for all Maven commands

* Update README

Change-Id: I0bc3140a30c3d71db81bfc9aa274b5959b69b6e5

Fix Phoenix T2 CLASSPATH issue and enhance

* Fix problem with wrong classpath being generated for Phoenix T2.

This is causing tests to core and/or run into Error 201.

* Added option (--nomvntest) to run the tests without Maven. However

Maven is still used for downloading dependencies and compiling.

This option is mostly to help with debugging.

* Added option (--mvnlocalrepo) to change which directory

Maven uses for its local repository

* Copy Maven error log to phoenix working directory so it can be

saved off later

* Change Maven Surefire configuration option for T2

Change-Id: I34abacb37da55c67da7eaaccaf32fb8cc04f5e92

Closes-Bug: 1403353, 1436995

Enable Phoenix T2 to work in local_hadoop environment

This will enable Phoenix T2 to work in developer's local_hadoop

environment. It makes the assumption that HBase/Hive lib

directory is at the same level as the HBase/Hive directory.

Change-Id: If2a2c84dca1d7cd8fc17da0ad56485c8bfdb9e74

Fix problem with missing Phoenix T2 dependencies

The Phoenix T2 tests were missing the following dependencies which

caused the tests ReadIsolationLevelTest and IndexTest to fail :

* org.apache.hbase.hbase-server

* org.apache.hadoop.hadoop-hdfs


* commons-cli.commons-cli

* /etc/hadoop/conf

* /etc/hive/conf

Closes-Bug: 1394796

Change-Id: I3f9be733d2b228739001375696b0abe55207e695

Enable Phoenix T2 tests to run with Maven

Enable Phoenix T2 tests to be run with Maven. This will standarize

the framework used by the T2 and the T4 Phoenix tests.

Part of blueprint infra-add-t2-phoenix-tests

Change-Id: I69efee7033f43c8b3033b5aba2cb5399c7c0b9db

Created pre-defined test subsets

Created the following pre-defined test subsets which can be invoked

by passing QUICK1, QUICK2, PART1, or PART2 to the --tests input

parameter :

QUICK1 - Current tests used by the phoenix_quick job. Takes

approx. 15 minutes to run.

QUICK2 - Tests selected based on whether it had failed before

on elapsed time. Takes approx. 15 minutes to run.

PART1 - First half of the phoenix test divided by time. Takes

approx. 30 minutes to run.

PART2 - Second half of the phoenix test divided by time. Takes

approx. 30 minutes to run.

Also fixed file to conform to Python's PEP8 Style Guide.

Change-Id: I13f452511d821695b2f52b41a749237d4fc628da

Change jdbc_test directory structure

Change jdbc_test directory structure to org/trafodion/jdbc_test

Change-Id: Ifb6e3a8e96c766c3b0c16656a14f6caf5c411f90

Change test reference from com.hp to org.trafodion

Change-Id: Idbd4d7f167f51be7d833771216e540193a788bc1

Add documentation on how to run tests

Change-Id: Ib58736f5fe03a4891c8a6f28a54590416124441f

Change --tests defaults to .* which maps to all tests

Change-Id: Ic0bd77f4a93ff04b1422e03012135916c91f6f69

Enable --test input and changed maven package command to maven test command since we are only using maven for testing in this package

Change-Id: Ib3ae8b1e95c4381b879b86833668353d5435d7ad