sebb <> in Infrastructure-puppet

Only match fail2ban lines

INFRA-19029 - ignores fail2ban log entries

loggy fails to close file

Host went away

Drop additional nonPMC project groups

henkp => humbedooh for meta data

Alias for pmc-chairs

INFRA-18315 - use LDAP project for security auth

Check for unexpected PMC auth

fix permissions for /pmc private areas

Fix RE syntax error; show more unused items

INFRA-17320 - apply the change to the correct file

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    • +3
Tidy docn

INFRA-18405 - accept mail sent to whimsy.a.o

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    • +3
Allow tidy up of jexl and weaver

Add netbeans LDAP group and /pmc/netbeans auth

Get committers from ou=role group

Get committers from ou=role group

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    • +6
Add monthly tidy job

Latest version of Passenger

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    • +1
Wrong local IP for mailprivate-vm2

Remove .incubator from directory name.

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    • +22
INFRA-12769 - redirect any old Permalinks

Merge branch 'deployment' into gendist

Delete excluded files from dest

More System/Help pages to exclude - save the editor file this time...

More System/Help pages to exclude

Cannot read Error ID as it overlaps dark background

INFRA-18100 senssoft => flagon public lists

INFRA-18100 - add redirect for senssoft => flagon (private archives)