julian foad <> in Infrastructure-puppet

Comment out all but wayita

as part of switching from svn-qavm3 to new svn-qavm. (Wayita is not transferred to svn-qavm yet.)

Run 'upcoming changes' script from home dir.

This causes it to determine the appropriate branch dir for itself.

The '~/src/svn/latest' symlink has been removed.

For "site: script should automatically show changes for the latest stable branch"

Remove reference to a custom local svn build

Now that svn-qavm3 on Ubuntu 14.04 is being migrated to svn-qavm on Ubuntu 18.04, it has a recent enough build of svn by default.

Make 'upcoming changes' look at 'latest' branch

Make the 'upcoming changes' generator look at a 'latest' symlink instead of hard-coding the branch name in here.

Remove no-longer-supported release branches

Remove no-longer-supported release branches from the backport checker.

Add new 1.12.x branch to list of backport branches

Add new 1.11.x branch to list of backport branches