dfoulks <> in Infrastructure-puppet

OF: removed infra-test from gitwcsub

Added github remote-copy change

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Corrected output redirect for pelican generated websites

OF: Removed couchdb due to infra-p6 migration

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OF: Removed bb-slave10 from buildbot 0.8

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OF: Added bb-slave10 password to buildbot-vm2

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OF: bumped ruby

jekyll install failed due to ruby version.

bumped from 2.3.1 to 2.4.6

Updated jekyll for bb-slave2 to 3.8.6

while jekyll 4 (latest) is being evaluated.

OF: Corrected a list syntax issue for rvm on bb-slave2

Added an additional layer to alias match exclude

humbedooh had an xss regex in aliasmatch that didn't match beyond the

first slash. I added an optional match second segment.

RE: Security@a.o email regarding xss on gitbox

humbedooh pushed a regex the other day that blocked all '<|>' inbound in

urls. I expanded that to .?*'<|>' so that it would catch the /asf?p= in

the expanded url.

Use RVM to install Ruby 2.6.3

Ruby 2.6.3 (latest stable version) installed on bb-slave2 with Ruby

2.3.1 (currently installed) set as the default

OF: INFRA-18895 added synapse to svngit2jira

Added master branch to the singa definitioni

OF: INFRA-18857 moved singa from svnwcsub to gitwcsub

OF: made synapse/* (sans /site) ro. left site rw.

OF: Modified the openwhisk group def and svn auth definition

repository has moved and the project graduated.

OF: corrected gitwcsub post repo rename

OF: Removed tapestry-vm nodefile.

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OF: Changed single quotes to double quotes.

OF: Removed original tapestry-vm nodefile hasn't responded to jenkins in several years

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OF: added oozie to svngit2jira

OF: removed '->' from redirect rules

OF: a.o ->

OF: re-added infra-test