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Add containerId to Localizer failed logs. Contributed by Prabhu Joseph

MAPREDUCE-6975. Logging task counters. Contributed by Prabhu Joseph.

YARN-7371. Added allocateRequestId in NMContainerStatus for recovery. Contributed by Chandni Singh

YARN-7423. Improve service client loggings. Contributed by Jian He

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HADOOP-15015. TestConfigurationFieldsBase to use SLF4J for logging. Contributed by Steve Loughran

HDFS-10528. Add logging to successful standby checkpointing. Contributed by Xiaoyu Yao.

HADOOP-14987. Improve KMSClientProvider log around delegation token checking. Contributed by Xiaoyu Yao and Xiao Chen.

HDFS-12681. Fold HdfsLocatedFileStatus into HdfsFileStatus.

HDFS-12771. Add genstamp and block size to metasave Corrupt blocks list. Contributed by Kuhu Shukla.

HDFS-11467. Support ErasureCoding section in OIV XML/ReverseXML. Contributed by Huafeng Wang.

YARN-6394. Support specifying YARN related params in the service REST API. Contributed by Jian He

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YARN-7392. Render cluster information on new YARN web ui. Contributed by Vasudevan Skm.

HDFS-12725. BlockPlacementPolicyRackFaultTolerant fails with very uneven racks.

YARN-7434. Router getApps REST invocation fails with multiple RMs. Contributed by Inigo Goiri.

HDFS-12682. ECAdmin -listPolicies will always show SystemErasureCodingPolicies state as DISABLED.

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YARN-7410. Cleanup FixedValueResource to avoid dependency to ResourceUtils. Contributed by Wangda Tan.

YARN-7432. Fix DominantResourceFairnessPolicy serializable findbugs issues. (Daniel Templeton via Subru).

HADOOP-15013. Fix ResourceEstimator findbugs issues. (asuresh)

YARN-7370: Preemption properties should be refreshable. Contrubted by Gergely Novák.

YARN-7364. Queue dash board in new YARN UI has incorrect values. (Sunil G via wangda)

Change-Id: Ia5336f407147d2985a61b5f9f1e69b5b35f398a4

(cherry picked from commit 752f000e0f521ca7be173d6ca338da4585284fd0)

YARN-7286. Add support for docker to have no capabilities. Contributed by Eric Badger

MAPREDUCE-6999. Fix typo onf in DynamicInputChunk.java. Contributed by fang zhenyi.

MAPREDUCE-6983. Moving logging APIs over to slf4j in hadoop-mapreduce-client-core. Contributed by Jinjiang Ling.

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addendum patch for YARN-7289.

HADOOP-14997. Add hadoop-aliyun as dependency of hadoop-cloud-storage. Contributed by Genmao Yu

YARN-7396. NPE when accessing container logs due to null dirsHandler. Contributed by Jonathan Hung

YARN-7412. Fix unit test for docker mount check on ubuntu. (Contributed by Eric Badger)

YARN-7400. Incorrect log preview displayed in jobhistory server ui. Contributed by Xuan Gong.

YARN-7276 addendum to add timeline service depencies. Contributed by Inigo Goiri.

HDFS-12744. More logs when short-circuit read is failed and disabled. Contributed by Weiwei Yang.