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Revert "HADOOP-12563. Updated utility (dtutil) to create/modify token files. Contributed by Matthew Paduano"

This reverts commit 4838b735f0d472765f402fe6b1c8b6ce85b9fbf1.

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HDFS-9555. LazyPersistFileScrubber should still sleep if there are errors in the clear progress. Contributed by Phil Yang.

HADOOP-12891. S3AFileSystem should configure Multipart Copy threshold and chunk size. (Andrew Olson via stevel)

HDFS-9894. Add unsetStoragePolicy API to FileContext/AbstractFileSystem and derivatives. Contributed by Xiaobing Zhou.

HADOOP-13011 - Clearly Document the Password Details for Keystore-based Credential Providers

HDFS-10309 Balancer doesn't honor dfs.blocksize value defined with suffix k(kilo), m(mega), g(giga). Contributed by Amit Anand

HDFS-10319. Balancer should not try to pair storages with different types.

YARN-4556. TestFifoScheduler.testResourceOverCommit fails. Contributed by Akihiro Suda

HADOOP-13043. Add LICENSE.txt entries for bundled javascript dependencies.

HADOOP-13042. Restore lost leveldbjni LICENSE and NOTICE changes.

YARN-4968. A couple of AM retry unit tests need to wait SchedulerApplicationAttempt stopped. (Wangda Tan via gtcarrera9)

HDFS-9670. DistCp throws NPE when source is root. (John Zhuge via Yongjun Zhang)

HADOOP-12563. Updated utility (dtutil) to create/modify token files. Contributed by Matthew Paduano

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YARN-4976. Missing NullPointer check in ContainerLaunchContextPBImpl. Contributed by Giovanni Matteo Fumarola

HDFS-10207. Support enable Hadoop IPC backoff without namenode restart. Contributed by Xiaobing Zhou.

MAPREDUCE-2398. MRBench: setting the baseDir parameter has no effect. Contributed by Michael Noll and Wilfred Spiegelenburg.

YARN-4784. Fairscheduler: defaultQueueSchedulingPolicy should not accept FIFO. (Yufei Gu via kasha)

YARN-4935. TestYarnClient#testSubmitIncorrectQueue fails when FairScheduler is the default. (Yufei Gu via kasha)

HADOOP-12985. Support MetricsSource interface for DecayRpcScheduler Metrics. Contributed by Xiaoyu Yao.

MAPREDUCE-6680. JHS UserLogDir scan algorithm sometime could skip directory with update in CloudFS (Azure FileSystem, S3, etc. Contributed by Junping Du

YARN-4890. Unit test intermittent failure: TestNodeLabelContainerAllocation#testQueueUsedCapacitiesUpdate. (Sunil G via wangda)

HDFS-10312. Large block reports may fail to decode at NameNode due to 64 MB protobuf maximum length restriction. Contributed by Chris Nauroth.

HDFS-10308. TestRetryCacheWithHA#testRetryCacheOnStandbyNN failing (Rakesh R via cmccabe)

YARN-2883. Queuing of container requests in the NM. (Konstantinos Karanasos and Arun Suresh via kasha)

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HADOOP-12924. Configure raw erasure coders for supported codecs. Contributed by Rui Li.

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HDFS-10264. Logging improvements in FSImageFormatProtobuf.Saver. (Contributed by Xiaobing Zhou)

HDFS-9744. TestDirectoryScanner#testThrottling occasionally time out after 300 seconds. Contributed by Lin Yiqun.

HDFS-10284. o.a.h.hdfs.server.blockmanagement.TestBlockManagerSafeMode.testCheckSafeMode fails intermittently. Contributed by Mingliang Liu.

HDFS-10306. SafeModeMonitor should not leave safe mode if name system is starting active service. Contributed by Mingliang Liu.

Fixed TimelineClient to retry SocketTimeoutException too. Contributed by Xuan Gong.