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WICKET-6761 Multiple websocket connections from the same session (#417)

* WICKET-6761 Add optional `resourceToken` to support multiple websocket connections from the same session

* WICKET-6761 Add demo page for websocket resources with multiple tabs

* WICKET-6761 Fetch websocket connection on each iteration to showcase issue with multiple tabs

* WICKET-6761 Mount demo page and increase executor pool size for multi tab demo

* WICKET-6761 Rename `resourceToken` to `connectionToken`

(cherry picked from commit 5cce0b148a0cac9cc4d8eb685d8569e84e32eab0)

WICKET-6762 Allow users to customize websocket setup (#418)

(cherry picked from commit 9c073fae3f5887690952b9792db9834c39d74aae)

WICKET-6758 NPE in AbstractWebSocketProcessor after session times out

Return early if there is no Wicket Session while processing WebSocket message

(cherry picked from commit 1f6f8ba54bc921c11e1b8462dc03f33e94f5b06f)

WICKET-6759 Add `shouldNotifyOnErrorEvent` filter function to `WebSocketSettings` (#416)

(cherry picked from commit 6d453fa39978d921f15dfdba8f1a515b86feb0d0)

WICKET-6760 preserve tag name for nested form placeholder

if not a <form> tag

WICKET-6755 clean up

WICKET-6755 properly decode real path from uri

WICKET-6757 Avoid URL.getFile() for mime type detection

Mime type detection is documented to work on paths or URLs, but

URL.getFile provides neither of both and the default implementation is

very limited regarding / vs. \ and such things. Forwarding an absolute

URI always instead is compatible with the default implementation and

makes absolutely clear what is available. URL.getFile for example might

look like some path in the file system, but would work with paths

containing spaces because of no decoding.

WICKET-6757 Avoid URL.getFile()

Another place where "URL.getFile()" is forwarded to "FileOutputStream"

without caring about proper decoding.

WICKET-6752 Some dependencies contain CVEs

Update dependencies in the experimental modules

(cherry picked from commit 7eb84fcc578d8a1d8940f3b2446ee7702fca00b3)

WICKET-6754 Add a test case

Iteration stops with nested containers (#403)

WICKET-6754 Since there is only one pop() performed in hasNext() the iteration stops, if there are several nested container, when the iteration for the first most nested containers is finished and there are no additional childs in the parent container.

(cherry picked from commit 2cd731977d9bb957b3e9bff2ecd4b509ac672a2f)

WICKET-6753 dont set aria-labelledBy

aria-label would be correct but unnecessary, since aria-labelledby is already set to id of captionText

WICKET-6746: no need to resolve current scheme is desired is ANY

Resolving the current scheme breaks on WebSocket requests when rendering

urls for resources, because HttpsMapper only knows http and https, not


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Added CHANGELOG for release 8.7.0

Removed release.out from git

WICKET-6720 lazy concatenation

WICKET-6714 resources from META-INF/resources

even without web root

[WICKET-6716] improve error reporting for AutoLabelResolver

(cherry picked from commit 539bc95b697aac3daf8e6cccc244ca4600e90627)

WICKET-6713 start via class or instance

on same tester

Code formatting improvements

Code adjusted for JUnit 4

WICKET-6708 Made lowercase conversion local insentive, as did for WICKET-6614

WICKET-6708 fix to avoid form submition break if request method is in uppercase form (ie: GET, POST)

WICKET-6708 optimization

prevent form lookup if not needed

Minor cleanups.

Use 'type' variable instead of another reflection call.

Do not create an array for varargs methods.

'public' modifier is implicit for interface methods

WICKET-6707 Use only setMethod in PropertyResolver#setValue()

WICKET-6707 Property setter parameter type is assumed to be equal to getter return type

Use the setter instead of the getter when checking in PropertyResolver#setValue()

(cherry picked from commit 80e9119eb04b8c670c24a97c89c28ddcebc1374b)

WICKET-6704 JavaSerializer.serialize causes the JVM crash ! (#385)

* WICKET-6704 JavaSerializer.serialize causes the JVM crash !

Do not check instances of PropertyChangeSupport whether they are Serializable because PropertyChangeSupport#writeObject() adds extra fields which confuse CheckingObjectOutputStream

* WICKET-6704 Add more special types which use ObjectOutputStream.PutField in their writeObject() method